“Lord of the Rings” Actor Blasts Political Correctness

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John Rhys-Davies, the actor who played the dwarf Gimli in the “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy had harsh words for our politically correct culture in an interview with Adam Carolla.

The focus of his criticism was Islamic terrorism and his point is that political correctness is stopping the West from even criticizing Muslim terrorists let alone going to war against them.

“There is an extraordinary silence in the West,” Rhys-Davies told Carolla. “Basically, Christianity in the Middle East and in Africa is being wiped out – I mean not just ideologically but physically, and people are being enslaved and killed because they are Christians. And your country and my country (Wales) are doing nothing about it.”

“Why is it so evolved not to judge?” Carolla replied, identifying political correctness as the culprit. “This notion that we’ve evolved into a species that’s incapable of judging other groups and what they are doing, especially when it’s beheading people or setting people on fire or throwing acid in the face of schoolgirls… I like that kind of judging. That’s evolved!”

Rhys-Davies is right on the money. In the US women – feminists – scream to high heavens about Donald Trump’s remarks about Megyn Kelly but are absolutely silent about this …


Rhys-Davies is a fearless man to bring this up, and he puts his comments in exactly the right context.

“We have lost our moral compass completely, and unless we find it, we’re going to lose our civilization,” Rhys-Davies cautioned. “I think we’re going to lose Western European Christian civilization anyway.”

The fight against Muslim terrorism and Muslim dominance in Western culture is a battle for civilization. In order to win that battle political correctness must be defeated first.

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