Little Leftist on the Prairie: Doesn’t Pay Her Taxes (But Will Raise Yours)

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I’ll bet if I say “Melissa Gilbert” you’ll think of this.

Well, little Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up and today she’s running for Congress. Her film career went kaput and so she needs a new job that just requires being cute. Congress. In Michigan.

Melissa is a brand new no-longer-little-Laura. She’s the all new Melissa. Power Woman. Or something like that.

New career plans … except her campaign site doesn’t have anything but a “Donate” button.

New boobs …


She’s running for Congress! I suspect somebody was talking about the people who would vote for her and she misunderstood.

A dog! She got a dog. Everybody loves dogs. It’s American! Especially in the heartland of rural Michigan. Out there on the prairie.

And what could be more “heartland” than a French Bulldog who has hair stylist of her own, a blue tutu, and a Louis Vuitton collar.

You want one too, don’t you?


You’ve probably guessed it by now, Melissa is running as a Democrat. Thankfully, it’s in a heavily Republican district. How do we know she’s a Democrat? Well, there’s the tax lien. Just like Al Sharpton.

There are questions she will have to address, however. In June, the Daily Press & Argus in Livingston County reported that the IRS filed a lien against Gilbert, alleging she owes more than $360,000 in back taxes, a point that Michigan Republicans were quick to point out as she announced her campaign.

OK, let’s review. Running as a Democrat. New boobs. Louis Vuitton collar for the dog. Personal hair stylist for the dog (who has less hair to style than I do). Owes the IRS $360,000 and says it’s no big deal.

Yep, she’s a Democrat.

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