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Lesbians Burn Down Their House For Insurance, Accuse Neighbor


And then they get caught. Two lesbians in Tennessee burned down their own house and accused their neighbor of arson. The insurance company refused to pay and the case went to federal court. The jury found that the lesbians burned down their house without any help from their neighbor.


They also did their own spray paint work .

A federal jury in a lawsuit has concluded a Monroe County lesbian couple’s claim their house was torched in an act of hate was a hoax.

A jury in U.S. District Court on Monday returned a verdict in favor of American National Property and Casualty Company in a lawsuit over the fire claim of Carol Ann Stutte and Laura Jean Stutte.

The evidence was obviously very persuasive.

In the verdict, the jury specifically concluded the insurer had proved by what’s known as a preponderance of the evidence standard that the Stuttes torched their house in Vonore, Tenn., and covered it up by spray-painting the word “queers” on a detached garage and labeling the fire a hate crime by their neighbor.

The lesbians filed suit against their neighbor, who was extensively investigated by the FBI for a hate crime. No charges have been filed against the neighbor. As yet, no charges have been filed against the lesbians for arson or filing false charges.

We certainly hope the insurance company presses the police to file those charges. Do the crime, do the time.

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