John Kasich is Bernie Sanders Lite

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But not really very lite. John Kasich is running as a “Conservative Governor” from Ohio. He keeps touting his conservative record. And then inconvenient things keep getting in the way.


I think (abortion) is an important issue, but I think there’s many other issues that are really critical. Early childhood. Infant mortality. The environment. Education. I think we focus too much on just one issue, and now that the issue of gay marriage is kind of off the table, we’re kind of down to one social issue.


Kasich is downplaying abortion at the same time the Center for Medical Progress is releasing videos showing that Planned Parenthood – the abortion industry – is in the business of selling body parts. And in their latest video we learn that babies are being born alive, being killed, and their organs are being harvested.

ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion.

While Kasich contends that the expansion is saving money by decreasing emergency-room visits, he also justifies it by scriptural references. One is Jesus’ admonition in Matthew 25 to care for “the least of these,” followed by a warning that those who don’t will be sent to “eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.”

John, you’re a questionable governor but you’re a completely incompetent theologian. Jesus admonition was not to the state, it was to individual believers. Oh, and your use of Matthew 25 juxtaposed with your lack of concern about babies being born alive and having their brain extracted by cutting off their face is the height of hypocrisy.

While we’re at it, the Medicaid expansion isn’t reducing emergency room visits.

Common Core.

Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush and John Kasich worked hard to defend their continued support for Common Core State Standards, while also trying to assuage the fears of Republican voters who view the standards as a federal takeover of education.

Common Core is a federal takeover of education. Actually, it’s just a continuation of the federal takeover started by Jeb!’s brother George with the Teddy Kennedy Appeasement Act, also known as “No Child Left Behind.”

No, John. No. Go back to Ohio. Go anywhere. Just get the h*** out of the Presidential race.

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