Islamic State Closing In On Syria: Where’s Obama’s Red Line Now?


You’ll recall that in 2012, before the Presidential election, Barack Obama declared that if Syria used chemical weapons against insurgents trying to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad they would have crossed the infamous “Red Line” that would trigger US military involvement to bring down Al-Assad.

Al-Assad took it as an open invitation rather than a threat, killed a few thousand people with chemical weapons and Barack went golfing.


As of right now, Al-Assad is under fire by ISIS and they are closing in on the capital of Damascus.

[The Army of Islam’s] presence inside Damascus is not the main problem Al-Assad faces for control of the capital. For the Syrian president, the prime concern is the Islamic State’s advance toward Damascus. The various opposition groups, notably including IS, are slowly closing in on Al-Assad’s home.

IS already has a presence in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, adjacent to the city, where it is working against the regime together with activists from Al-Nusra Front (which is fighting against IS in other sectors in Syria, such as the Golan Heights front). For IS, Damascus is the bottom-line goal.

It is not a secret target; IS has promised more than once that it will conquer the capital.

It could be a safe guess that Obama’s “Red Line” wasn’t meant to be a commitment of US military troops at all. It’s looking like Mr. Obama was referring to his allies on the JV Team.

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