Hollywood Environmentalists, Guess if You’re A Kardashian, Their Rules Don’t Apply!

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They are known for their wild lifestyles that play fast-and-loose with the rules, but it seems one aspect of celebrities’ excessive existences is fast catching up with them.


Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Tyga have been named on a list of celebrities who have been hit with fines in recent months for using too much water despite the crippling drought in California. It is not known how much the celebrity pair were fined, though the amounts will likely seem paltry to the rich and famous, ranging from $100 to $500. The fine itself, a mere $100, acts simply as a slap on the wrist. Things get slightly more serious for breaking the code four times, as the amount jumps to $500 – though still paltry by celeb standards.

California currently has strict water regulations in place to help deal with a crippling drought as those in farming communities such as Okieville have seen wells go dry.

However, it seems these famous figures have refused to inconvenience themselves while others receive a much harsher version of life because of the record lack of precipitation.


Hey! Check out that lush, green lawn! Wow! I wouldn’t think 15 minutes of watering would give you THOSE results!…..Holy COW! Nice pool too! …….Bet that takes a lot of water to maintain, don’t you think?! Oh Wait……there’s more! You’re gonna’ love this!!!!


Now THAT’s a nice water slide!! I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a water slide before and you’ve got to have running water to continuously run on water slide for it to be fun! But hey, WHO CARES about water restrictions when you’re rich and famous right?!

Records revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, Tyga’s $10.2million, 12,000-square-foot Tuscan nouveau villa and Kylie Jenner’s $2.7million, 5,000-square-foot Mediterranean mansion were both cited for water violations during the month of June.

Jenner had two violations.

Kylie’s violation comes three months after sister Kim Kardashian West’s grassy estate made headlines after a rep told Page Six that Kim ‘has no problem letting her lawn go brown.’

But when NBC4 flew over Kim’s home, it appears she has no problem letting her lawn stay green despite others suffering in the drought.

‘I’m not going to comment every time a helicopter flies over the house,’ Kim’s publicist said. ‘She’s a private citizen.’

That’s the life of the rich and famous. Those rules don’t apply to US do they? Heck no! We were only talking about the farmers and the “little people.” You know like the farmers that raise cattle and crops for you and others, so that you can have food on your table. Oh, wait a minute! I just remembered you don’t eat meat do you? Probably don’t eat corn or wheat either?! So sorry! Never mind.


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