Hillary May Have Had a Second Server

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Christmas coming in August? Maybe. There’s reason to believe that the mom & pop computer shop that Hillary hired to be her IT department while she was Secretary of Reset Buttons may have made a copy of the emails on her now destroyed server.

So, where is it?

The FBI has server number one that Clinton and her State Department staff used to evade FOIA requests. It’s been professionally wiped but they have the technology to be able to recover at least some data.

Platte River Networks says they don’t have the server. Hillary says she has done nothing wrong and is cooperating with the FBI.

Hillary’s idea of cooperating is turning over emails that have been printed out on paper, not the drive itself. That is the ultimate delaying tactic on her part. Emails can be searched in detail when they’re digital. On paper, good luck with that.

The good news is that Hillary and her obvious attempt to evade transparency and reporting laws has hurt her even among those who should be her staunchest supporters.

That’s Al Hunt. He’s a former Fox contributor from the left, and he’s spent more time on his knees in front of the Clintons than Monica ever did. You can bet if HE’s got issues with Hillary everybody will, sooner-than-later. That’s why her poll numbers are dropping like a rock.

The biggest question relating to Hillary may well be, will Barack Obama trade her a pardon for dropping out of the 2016 race?

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