Hillary is Going Down …

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Everywhere and with everybody.

Fox News just released a new poll conducted August 11-13. First, there’s old Bernie Sanders. Really old Bernie Sanders. He’s even older than the wrinkled crone the Democrats have latched their star to, Hillary.

He’s also leading Hillary in New Hampshire and catching her nationally.


Hillary is down seven in New Hampshire. Down. And going down faster than Monica Lewinsky.

Keep in mind that these numbers don’t include the latest the latest revelations about Hillary’s emails – we’re now up to 60 classified emails on the server that Hillary insisted never existed.


Let’s look at how she’s doing against Republicans.


All of a sudden Hillary’s not just having Republicans closing in on her, they’re beating her. Even Donald Trump, who polls pretty well against the Republican field but seems to be an anathema to Independents, is closing the gap rapidly.

Trump hasn’t been a data point until recently; first time out in the Fox News poll he was down by 17. Three weeks later – and after his questionable performance in the Republican debate – he’s only down by eight.

Down. I’ve been saying for over a year that Hillary would peak on the day she announced. Actually, it looks like she peaked about a year before she announced. She’s in BIG trouble in this primary.

She’s one of the best known politicians in America and most people have an opinion of her. To most Democrats, she’s Christ incarnate. To most Republicans, she’s the spawn of Lucifer. To Independents, well, they’ll respond to whatever the current press happens to be. And that’s bad and it will get worse.

Hillary has to respond to The Bern! and she’s not just sliding left, she’s moving to the left of Socialist Sanders at warp speed. She has to in order to hold the base. Combined with nothing but bad news on the horizon – more emails will be released monthly through February – Hillary’s numbers with Independents will continue to degrade.

Swallow hard Hillary, you’re going to lose.

Pass the popcorn, please.

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