Hillary Clinton – Vote for Me Because My Mom Had it Rough [Video]

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Have you seen Hillary Clinton’s new campaign ad?

You’re going to love this one! She has a new angle – a human side. That’s right! She believes that because her Mom had it so rough, she deserves your vote!

Hey! My grandmother had it rough too her husband was a bootlegger for Al Capone!

In an article in the “Huffington Post” on August 2, 2015, Marina Fang writes that Hillary Clinton will begin airing TV ads in Iowa and New Hampshire attempting to reinforce Hillary’s so-called commitment to family and children.

The ad tells a story of Clinton’s mother, Dorothy Rodham, who not only was abandoned, but sent to live with her abusive grandparents and how she overcame obstacles in life.

So, we are now buying into the ‘oh woe is me” story? Kinda of like the “I’m so broke story” and only can afford a $600 haircut?

The only reason Killary wants you to feel sorry for her is because NOT only can she NOT “connect” with real people, but she can’t even draw crowds to events on the campaign trail. Must be that new “human” side she has, right? The side where she wants us all to believe that she cares about the “little people” and the “middle class” and what else? Oh, that’s right the people on unemployment and making minimum wages, while she’s being driven around to every shopping center and appointment she has.

Oh, and did I mention #WhatDifferenceDoesItMake ?

Maybe we should remind Killary about Benghazi and that if she REALLY wanted us to believe she was “human” she would NOT have left four Americans dead including our Ambassador Stevens.



Written by Nancy Hayes

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