After Hacking Kid Up With a Machete Two of the Teens Have Sex

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Alternate title: No Lives Matter.

Four teenagers, Job Corps students, confessed to hacking up a 17-year-old and burying him alive. Apparently it wasn’t even a tryout for ISIS, just some fun on a lazy summer afternoon.


The three guys pictured above committed the murder. The girl appeared on the scene shortly after the victim was buried. Here’s a summary from the Miami Herald .

The arrest report reads like a scene from the classic novel Lord of the Flies. During the carnage, Strickland “complained that she had missed the first series of machete strikes because she had walked away for a few minutes to urinate in the woods,” according to the arrest report.

After the group of students buried Jose and cleaned up the bloody scene, Strickland and accused ringleader Kaheem Arbelo stayed in the woods to have sex before returning to the Job Corps campus, the report said.

We’re waiting for a statement from the suspects family members and friends. They were surly good kids who were struggling with their environment of poverty forced on them by the 1%.

Other than family members, the rest of the community knew them as drug dealers and bullies at the federally operated Job Corps school. The victim was also a student at the school and reportedly owed money to one of his attackers.

The Labor Department spokesman who was forced in front of the cameras noted that “safety and security is our top priority.” We’d hate to know what their bottom priority is, but it looks like this young man was close.


This is your federal government at work.

The woman involved appears to fit in well with a group who would use machetes on their victim.

[The woman], of Miami Gardens, refused to cooperate with Miami-Dade detectives when detained on Wednesday. According to police, she shoved an investigator, head-butted his chest and flailed about before she was shackled in an interview room.

She also used screws from an electrical outlet to try and pick her handcuffs, then scrawled “MPD Go to Hell” on a table, the report said.

According to reports, the murder was premeditated. It was planned out for two weeks and the grave was prepared days before the fatal attack.

There is some belated good news to this story. All of the attackers are legally adults and are eligible for the death penalty.

Whose Lives Matter?

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