Guess Who’s Losing in New Hampshire? Not Trump, It’s Hillary! Losing. [video]

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Hillary is in trouble. First there’s the email problem, that little “Top Secret” thing. Today, she’s feeling the Bern in New Hampshire. In the Granite State Hillary is behind in the polling, trailing Bernie Sanders by almost double digits. Even worse in the First In The Nation Primary, the Inevitable Nominee is really getting pounded on her “favorables.” She’s down 18% to Bernie among people who have a “very favorable” opinion of their candidate.

Hillary, when MSNBC is all over your case, you’re in big trouble.

Looks like the Inevitable Nominee can run, but she’s not able to hide, even from Democratic voters. The poll didn’t address Independents, but you can bet she’s in much worse shape among them.

It’s looking more and more like I should start saving up the filing fee for the Republican nomination. Given the mess that Trump is making of the Republican field and the idea that the Democrats may field a Socialist/Marxist as their candidate, I’m thinking it’s a wide open race.

I’m not running, but I think my favorite perennial Presidential candidate could have a good shot this year.


That’s right, it’s the Dead Drunk White Cat!

He’s cute, fluffy when bathed, and he’ll do less damage to the nation than any possible Democratic candidate, several of the Republicans, and he’s head and shoulders better (and smarter) than what we’ve been living through for the past seven years.

Anyway, at our house we can’t wait for Hillary to pop out of the toaster.


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