Groom Surprises His New Wife With Incredible Dance Moves! [video]

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Back in the late 70’s and the disco days of Donna Summer’s “Last Dance,” I have to say my husband had some pretty smooth moves…and he wasn’t too bad on the dance floor either. However, I can’t image him ever pulling off something like this at our wedding reception. This is phenomenal! Don’t believe me – Just watch!

Sarah Basile writes in Liftable:

This video of a groom and his groomsmen’s outrageous dance performance has already received over one million shares on Facebook in less than one week.

After being together for 11 years, Kirk and Valerie Henning were married with a reception on the same stage they shared for the Richmond ballet.

Kirk surprised his bride with an amazing seven-minute choreographed dance set to the newlywed’s favorite songs that left her clapping and bouncing on the edge of her seat. The dance ended seamlessly, with the bride and wedding party joining the men to dance to Walk the Moon’s, “Shut Up and Dance.”

Are you kidding me?! What woman would not have found this event, one of the most loving acts of kindness a groom could have offered at her wedding reception? 

From the

The groomsmen get into position and the dancers begin striking poses as the first verse kicks in and Kirk spins around to face his wife.

The group, all wearing perfectly tailored tuxedos, then dance together as their guests cheer them on.

Later the song merges into Britney Spears track (You Drive Me) Crazy, and after stripping down to their shirts the men are filmed continuing with their dance.

Confetti then falls from the ceiling as the wedding cheer and shriek with delight.

Putting on black cowboy hats, the men parade the stage before the whole show comes to an end and the bride, who has her face in her hands in sheer amazement throughout the display, embraces her new husband.

Valerie told the Richmond Times Dispatch that she had dropped hints to Kirk running up to the big day about his groomsmen dance and he just fobbed her off, saying he was too busy with touring and school.

But Kirk had actually started the planning process four months in advance of their July 25 church wedding, sending out tutorial videos over email to his eight groomsmen.

Their wedding photographer Ginger Topham, who posted the eight-minute clip said that Valerie had no idea what Kirk had up his sleeve – and that the guests were ‘blown away’ by the surprise.

 I don’t know about you, but I loved the salsa, Top Gun tribute, sunglasses, cowboy hats, and ALL of it! How AWESOME! 

To Kirk: This woman is your destiny! Congratulations! 

Written by Nancy Hayes

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