GOP Presidential Debate Drama Distracts Americans from Real Issues

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If you ask someone their opinion as to who was the clear winner coming out of last week’s GOP presidential debates, you’ll likely get a mixed bag of responses.

fiorina, carlySome may say their candidate clearly won, while others will tell you exactly why their candidate was the clear winner.

There were definitely some winners and some losers in both debates.

However, who actually came out on top or who will continue to lead in the polls isn’t so obvious.

But, what is most evident to me is that the American public walked away that night as the real loser.

The American public wanted to have an opportunity to hear why each candidate was qualified for the oval office and that was overshadowed by the drama coming out of the night’s main event.

Many people, like myself, were eager to hear each candidate’s strategy for leading this country. But, instead we walked away mostly disappointed.

trump, donaldIn all fairness, the first GOP debate held earlier in the day seemed closer to actually touching on the questions that matter to Americans rather than the more agenda driven questions posed during the second debate.

What has come out of the debates, however, has been more about the Fox News moderators themselves and less about the GOP presidential candidates and their qualifications.

Also, Republicans have spent the last few days arguing with each other about the failure of the evening debate, Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly, of the Kelly Files, who moderated the debate along with two other Fox News hosts.

kelly, megynA petition has even been started to ban Kelly from further GOP debates. More than 10,000+ people have signed the petition.

This type of fallout hasn’t occurred since CNN’s Candy Crowley seemingly helped President Barack Obama during his second debate with Republican and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, when she butted in and sided with Obama.

While none of the moderators interfered with a candidate’s response to boost another candidate’s favorability, many would argue that Kelly did something just as harmful if not worse when she appeared to target Trump right out of the chute.

Radio talk show hosts Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh both were not pleased with how the debate was moderated and they didn’t hesitate to speak out about it.

Some would disagree with Levin and Limbaugh, however, and say “Good for Kelly” because she was just exposing “character flaws” of Trump due to alleged statements he made in the past about women, including Rosie O’Donnell.

To be fair, the feud between Trump and O’Donnell has not been a pretty one and O’Donnell certainly cannot claim to be blameless.

While an impeccable character would be welcome in the oval office, it is more advantageous to the public to allow the candidates to speak for themselves. The character flaws, if any, will become obvious during the debates and the American public will make their own decision based upon what they have heard.

Americans don’t need moderators to interfere with the process.

What people are looking for are answers regarding how to solve the serious issues this country is facing.

isisThe national debt is out of control, ISIS remains a threat to this country, race relations are worse than they have been in ages and this is just the short list of crucial issues facing us.

Americans want to know which candidate will be able to give this country a fighting chance to come out of the hole that it has been in for the last seven years thanks to an ever expanding government with blurred Constitutional boundaries.

Relevant questions pertaining to past education and experience, domestic and foreign policy viewpoints along with other abilities that qualify a candidate for the position is what the public tunes in to hear.

Riot police clear demonstrators from a street in FergusonPersonally, anything else is a distraction that keeps this nation from attempting to make a full recovery. We are out of time and meaningless or agenda-driven debates won’t help.

Perhaps one solution that could be offered for upcoming debates is that we select a panel of moderators from the general population rather than hired guns from the mainstream media.

Isn’t that closer to what a “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” is about?

We need moderators who are average people off the street who come from different walks of life and who want to do what’s best for this country.

That would certainly be a refreshing change from what we saw last week.

Do I think it is possible to have such a panel? Yes. Do I think it will happen? No. There is too much at stake, too much money to be made by the networks for the remaining debates and don’t forget the all-important ratings!

When the GOP Presidential Debate becomes more about money, power and political agenda and less about the best interests of the country and its people, then the American people will always lose.

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