If He Was Such a Good Kid, Why is He Stealing a Car and Carrying a Gun

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August is “Michael Brown Month.” It’s a time when thugs get to show off just how stupid they can be. In this case, it’s Andre Green. A 15-year-old punk in Indianapolis. A “good kid”. Unarmed with his hands up. Dead at the scene.

Note: This is an opinion piece and the views do not necessarily represent the views of Joe For America.

I’m sorry this mom has to bury her son. But I’m not in the least sorry the little punk is dead. Good job to the cops.

ImageOf course we’re not seeing current pictures of Punk Andre. Just like with Punk Trayvon Martin we get to see dated pictures of him being a “good boy.” Not the bad guy with gun and a record who carjacked the vehicle he tried to run the cops down with.

We don’t get to see the mug shots from the arrest and conviction that got him into the ankle bracelet he was wearing when he assaulted the car owner and tried to run down the cops.

And of course, we’ll be hearing the constant drumbeat of “the cops are lying.” They didn’t have on body cams, I wish they had. Not that it would make a difference to the #BlackLivesMatter idiots. Because, in this case, Andre’s life didn’t matter and Andre is the one who made sure of that.

And just so you can get a good picture of what’s coming in Indianapolis…

Shane Evans, who tried to be a mentor to Green when the young man lived until recently in the Mapleton Fall Creek area, said he cried when he heard the news of Green’s death. “I’m sad about the whole situation. I can’t say a lot about it because I don’t know the whole situation,” said Evans, 23. He added: “We all make mistakes.”


Evans said Green had taken part a couple of years ago in a program at Broadway United Methodist Church called Miracles at Heart where part of the curriculum involved discussions of how to safely interact with police. Green also had briefly played the violin in a youth orchestra, friends and family said.

Two weeks ago when Evans sat with Green on the church steps, Green had talked about going to college and avoiding trouble, Evans said.

Angela Lamb, one of Green’s great aunts, said Green had been a runaway but he had never disrespected her. “He was a good kid,” she said.

And, we’ve got an “eyewitness” to the shooting.

Remember Michael Brown’s partner in crime who was shouting from the rooftops that Brown had his hands up shouting “Don’t Shoot”?

Better get the National Guard ready, somebody’s gonna want to burn Indianapolis down over this one.

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