Four Armed Thugs in Florida Alleged to Have Carjacked And Kidnapped Federal Agent

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The four are also alleged to be black.

It looks like the #BlackLivesMatter movement has new heroes for their followers. In a move that Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin would be proud of, four thugs in Orlando – two of them still in high school – carjacked, kidnapped and pistol-whipped a vacationing federal agent.

The kidnapped agent is safe and recovering; he has not been identified by authorities.

According to investigators, the suspects pistol-whipped the 44-year-old victim, took his wallet, and forced him into his car at gunpoint. They held him captive for a period of one to two hours, as they drove around in the vehicle. By then, investigators said the officer’s wife was concerned and called for help.

“She notified police through OnStar. The OnStar representative placed a call to the vehicle and heard someone screaming for help,” Sheriff Demings explained.

Deputies said the suspects ran out of the car and the victim was able to free himself. His vehicle was later found abandoned in the in the Ivey Lane area.

Off topic, but why did his wife wait a couple of hours to call somebody, and why did she call OnStar and not the cops? Oh well.

The suspects were arrested as a result of fingerprints found in the vehicle. One of the youths was pulled over later in the day in a stolen car and police got a fingerprint match.

The four are in custody and are being held pending a bail hearing. I wonder if the #BlackLivesMatter noisemakers are going to show up in solidarity with these thugs and bail them out.


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