Erick Erickson: Weenie or a Sly Fox? Bonus [VIDEO]: Megyn Kelly like you’ve never seen her!!!

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I’m going with weenie for now, but for anyone saying the Editor of RedState and sometimes fill-in for Rush Limbaugh is stupid – well, you’re wrong.

He may or may not have done something foolish or ill-advised by “uninviting” Donald Trump to the once mighty Redstate Gathering this year, but Eric is a smart guy and opinionated, nothing more.

Like Trump, he has the right to be politically incorrect, bombastic and yes, say or do something stupid once in a while. Or all the time – I don’t give a damn.


The questions remain: Did the FoxNews wannabe and one-time online powerhouse Eric Erickson take orders from anybody on dumping Trump? Is he kowtowing to the superstar that is Megyn Kelly? Is he more interested in his career than his audience? Or is he just a gutless douchebag?

I’m going with GD for now, but I’m also not denying that jumping on the Trump / Kelly bandwagon isn’t a sly idea – even though there’s only a small percentage of me who thinks Eric Erickson has done this on purpose.

That would make him a genius. And I’m not ruling that out, because Eric is a really, really smart guy – and those who don’t believe that, don’t know him or are not familiar with his work.


Ironically, it is the very thing that has made Trump dominate the news that Erickson is “objecting” to. Goofy-ass Eric has said any number of things about women as bad or worse than Trump’s remarks toward Megyn (however interpreted). Has anyone forgotten that Rush Limbaugh (stupidly) called Sandra Fluke “a slut” just as conservatives were getting some momentum of the issue at hand?

Now I know Rush Limbaugh and he looooooooves tweaking liberals and I love him for it. But even he recognized a mistake on his part and sincerely apologized.

Let’s pray Trump doesn’t follow suit because although I still don’t think he’s getting the nomination, he’s pouring fertylizer on the Republican collective ballsack and maybe, just maybe the beginning of the end of political correctness  is at hand.

“You’re Fired!” … I invented that you know.

If conservatives would quit worrying about what they say, Trump would be nowhere near this race. Poor guy, he’d have to go back to banging hot models, making cash, creating jobs, failing once in a while but who gives a f*ck?, being a TV star and did I mention banging a few awesome broads in his spare time?

Hey Eric, did I just blackball myself from speaking at RedState? Good.

But I must apologize to Fox News for my politically incorrect crassness and I’m so sorry Megyn, but if you’re going to run with the big dogs, get off the porch.

Besides, you’re no saint, who you kidding’?:

God, I love talking like this. Thanks Donald. Still hate your hotels… Yeah, like you care.

Side note: I called Jon Stewart a “useful idiot” the other day, after heaping praise on him for being one of the brightest and funniest people on TV. Ever.

You would not believe how many actual idiots (young adults mostly), who chimed in on the discussion and clearly had no idea what the phrase “useful idiot” actually meant, or it’s origins. It was frightening. Our kids are not being taught the fundamentals of staying free, my friends. Bad.

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