EPA Spills It: EPA Gets Billions to Clean it. Nice.

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The EPA, that would be the “Environmental Protection Agency,” triggered a toxic waste spill in Colorado into the Animas River. This is the “Before and After” look.


A team of inspectors broke a dam and released millions of gallons of toxic waste. “We’re the government, we’re here to help.”

Can you imagine the screaming from the Progressives and environmentalists if that had been done by a private corporation. They’d be screaming for billions in fines and jail time.

So far not a peep, even though the head of the EPA has “taken responsibility” for the spill.

Speaking of billions, where are the billions to clean up this mess coming from? Thanks for asking, they’re coming from you.

The cost of cleaning up a major toxic waste spill in the West caused by an Environmental Protection Agency contractor could soar as high as $27.7 billion.

That’s the conclusion of a study released Tuesday morning by the right-leaning American Action Forum. The group is one of the first to attempt to estimate the clean-up cost …

Hey, what’s $30 billion among friends. Except that the EPA is not our friend.

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