EPA Says It’s Sorry But We Are The Ones That Have To Pay! [video]

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EPA inspectors were inspecting an abandoned mine near Silverton, Colorado, using heavy equipment. They were pumping out sludge and were supposed to be decontaminating it but instead, released it into a small nearby creek. From there it made it’s way into several large tributaries including the San Juan and Colorado rivers.

This sludge is toxic with 12,000 times higher than normal levels of lead, though it’s not as toxic as the Barack Obama’s EPA.

Leave it to the this administration’s EPA to cause more harm than good. And hey, it’s only money right? Your money! So what do they care!

Here’s what the EPA has done for the people of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.


Nice huh? That is your government at work. Protecting the environment. I’m just waiting for the head of the EPA to blame global warming for the problem.

And never fear, the agency is taking full responsibility.

“I am absolutely deeply sorry that this ever happened, but I want to make sure that we react positively and in a way that’s credible and we move this forward,” [EPA head Gina] McCarthy said Tuesday at a press conference in Washington.

McCarthy said the incident “pains me to no end” and pledged that she would use the “full breadth of the agency” to clean up the mess and committed to a full review to ensure that the type of accident wouldn’t happen again.

“Deeply sorry.” Umm hmm. Can you imagine the outcry in the press, from McCarthy’s office, and from the White House if the mine owner had been responsible for this spill? Somebody would be going to prison.

As the reporters noted, this is a long way from being “over.” The sludge is settling to the bottom of the rivers and every good storm will stir it up again. It’s looking like this year’s farming and ranching along the rivers effected is done.

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye – head of the nation’s largest Native American reservation which extends into Utah, New Mexico and Arizona – told the Associated Press that farmers no longer had water for corn crops and ranchers were scrambling to get cattle and other livestock away from the polluted San Juan River, while bottled water is becoming increasingly scarce.

“When EPA is saying to me it’s going to take decades to clean this up, that is how long uncertainty will exist as we drink the water, as we farm the land, as we put our livestock out there near the river,” he said. “That is just, to me, a disaster of a huge proportion.”

Oh, an unfortunately the problem wasn’t caused by a white cop shooting a black kid stealing a bulldozer because …

Begaye said he has yet to receive a call from President Obama. “It seems like the Obama administration just closed their doors and disappeared,” he said.

Come on Russell, the President is too busy making sure Iran will have a nuclear weapon so they can vaporize Israel after Mr. Obama leaves office.

One thing you can be assured of though, McCarthy was telling the absolute truth when she said she would use the “full breadth of the agency” to clean up the spill. That means your tax dollars and lots of them.

Somebody should go to prison. Right Gina?

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