Donald Trumps Univision Punk Jorge Ramos

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Jorge Ramos is a Progressive activist with a Univision byline who’s on the warpath against Donald Trump. Jorge is easily offended. His nose got bent way out of shape a while back when Trump referred to illegal aliens as “illegals.” Jorge also has an issue with the truth.

He showed up at a press conference in Iowa, proceeded to shout out questions at Trump who told him to sit down because he hadn’t been called upon. Jorge kept shouting. The Donald didn’t put up with his crap. He had him greased right out of the room.

“Go back to Univision!”

That’s Trump one, Jorge zip. Jorge was eventually allowed back into the presser,


and The Donald called on him. He kept trying to shout over Trump who made his points on anchor babies and deporting illegal aliens much to Jorge’s displeasure.

I’m with The Donald, Jorge. Go back to Univision. H*** go back to Mexico.

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