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Donald Trump Proved Right AGAIN! Mexican Murders Two in Montana


A family in a small town in Montana was murdered by a Mexican immigrant. Chalk up another one in the “Donald Trump is right about Mexicans” column.

The Mexican runs out of gas on a lonely road. A woman stops to help him. She goes back home to get her husband and her daughter. They come to rescue him.

So far it’s a story of small town America where people help their neighbors who are in trouble. Unfortunately for the Good Samaritans in our story there’s a Mexican.

He’s been outside in the sun for a while and he’s tired of waiting. The family comes back, he pulls a gun and tries to rob them. They don’t have any money so he murders two of them and tries to kill the third.

Trying to be Good Samaritans cost two members of a Montana family their lives and left their daughter wounded.

According to the FBI a family pulled over to help a driver on the side of the road and was gunned down. The suspect, [a Mexican]18-year-old … is expected in federal court Friday.

The triple shooting happened in the town of Pryor, Montana, about 30 miles south of Billings.

The suspect … is expected in federal court Friday.

The family was shot when they returned to help Mendoza, whose car was seen stopped along side a road on the Crow Indian Reservation on Wednesday morning, according to an FBI criminal complaint.

Hey Jeb! this guy is one of the people you’re defending with your whining about Donald Trump’s “tone.”


Oh, and according to reports he wasn’t “illegal.”

[The shooter] is Mexican, and the Obama administration deems him a legal permanent resident who entered the country legally on May 31, 2013 — though they didn’t say how he earned that status initially .

Note that it appears he didn’t immigrate legally, he was just declared legal by the Obama administration. We’ll let you guess at the reason they don’t want to talk about how he “earned” his immigration status. Dream on it, you’ll figure it out.

We should set up a memorial to American citizens who’ve been murdered at the hands of the Obama administration’s amnesty policy. It would be the only graveyard in the US that doesn’t vote Democratic.


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