Donald Trump: “I Would Look at the Good Aspects of Planned Parenthood …”

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When the Planned Parenthood videos by The Center for Medical Progress first started coming out, Donald Trump was all over the abortion issue .

Presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are teaming up to promote a confrontational tactic intended to strip Planned Parenthood of government funding, a move that plays to the GOP’s conservative base but also risks a shutdown.

On Monday evening, GOP front-runner Trump officially blessed a strategy that would include a rider that defunds Planned Parenthood in a government funding bill .

If the bill passed the House and Senate, an Obama veto would shut down the government.

That’s a strong stance by Trump and it was welcomed by conservatives. It was also shot down by Mitch McConnell who said Republicans would not shut down the government for any reason, and that’s a story for another day.

That was then and this is now.

“The good things that they do…” Really Mr. Trump? The good things?

Just what in your mind offsets this …


Please, some details please. I don’t care about your comments about Megyn Kelly, she’s a big girl and she can take care of herself. In the picture above, on the other hand, could you please point out the “good parts” of Planned Parenthood. Please.

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