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Donald Trump Does Stand Up Comedy


Last night supporters near Boston paid $100 each to attend an event that Trump insisted was”not a fundraiser”. They witnessed a very funny comedy routine by The Donald ripping Hillary, Huma and her “Perv” husband, Anthony Weiner. Bing! Bing! Bing!

The rest of the Republican field will have to step it up, if they want to compete with Donald Trump in the laugh department. If  Trump doesn’t get elected president, he certainly has a future as a comedian. If he does win, I can certainly handle four years of this! 


Written by Nancy Hayes

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Nancy Hayes

Nancy Hayes is a Digital Media Specialist and Conservative, Grassroots Activist. Over the past 4 years - she has worked on 21 campaigns nationwide. She has been involved in several key elections, including Ted Cruz for President and Herman Cain for President . She has served in such positions as Social Media Specialist, Phone Bank Director, State Director of Volunteers, and Grassroots Activist. Stay involved! Stay inspired! Stay educated! #TeamJoe #PJNET #CruzCrew #GOHTeam

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