Democrat With Irrefutable Proof on Global Warming Using Cutting Edge Science: Amazing‼

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Want to be blinded by “science”? Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell had yet more proof for the deniers that global warming is real:



Breaking: The August sun makes a car really hot. No more coal!

This past January, using that same “scientific” method“, my car proved anthropomorphic global warming is not real:


Doug Powers (@ThePowersThatBe) adds:

And my car’s thermometer has been peer-reviewed (by my wife, three kids and a dog, all of whom have a firmer grip on “science” than Dems who are peddling the Gore Kool Aid to the point of abject embarrassment).

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe people buy into this stuff. Let alone that THIS MAN is a member of OUR Congress. Unbelievable! And you wonder why we have issues in this country.

As a past middle school science teacher, even I know that a scientific method involves certain steps including: asking a question, research, a hypothesis, testing the hypothesis, analyzing the data, drawing conclusions and communicating the results.  So NO! – this is definitely NOT based on the scientific method! But then we, any of us with a brain, know that all REAL science has proven there is NO such thing as “global warming”. Get with the program, Rep. Swalwell!

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But what do you expect? This is from a Democrat who represents the 15th District in California. That’s right! California – you know the state that is the WORST financially in the nation. The state that is monitoring showers, because they care more about the little fish, than about REAL people. Rep. Swalwell, by the way is a “ranking member” of the House Subcommittee on the CIA. Yes, that’s right – the CIA. Need I say more? In addition, Rep. Swalwell is a “ranking member” on the Subcommittee on Energy. Yes. We have got major problems. I might also add, Rep. Swalwell serves on the Committee on Science, Space and Technology. You’d think he would know a thing or two about the “scientific method” wouldn’t you?

In his own words: “….not everyone starts at the same starting point.” NO KIDDING!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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