Debate is Set for the GOP. Think They Could Squeeze a Few More in There?

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The first Presidential Republican Debate is set for Thursday, August 6th and Fox News has announced the top 10 candidates that “made the cut” based on five recent and national polls. Drum roll please!

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Certainly Donald Trump is no surprise. Since he launched his bid for the White House he has been leading in the polls, especially four most recently with double-digits. Well, I’ll be.  I bet a few of you are surprised right? I mean after all, the guy says what he wants, when he wants, to whom he wants. Many of us wish the others would do that to, am I right?

Following The Donald will be former Florida Governor Jeb! Bush and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Bush having the Washington Establishment surely behind him – need I say any more? Gov. Walker who is well known for battling and defeating unions in his state, polled third nationally.

Three down and 7 to go!

That takes us to candidate #4, former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee. Ok. I know. Hard to believe, but he did have a T.V. show so maybe that helped, but not sure. He also played in a band. I know what you’re thinking, REALLY! I don’t know how he got there either.

Candidate #5 is neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson. New to politics and campaigns, but not new to the public eye. He certainly has the experience to understand the mess Obamacare has brought to our country. We can all relate to that.

In sixth place, we have Senator Ted Cruz who is a grassroots favorite. Cruz is the one candidate that is consistently showing his dog fights in the Senate against the Washington Cartel and the Washington Establishment. The Conservative candidate who called out the Establishment favored McConnell for being a “liar”

Moving on. Candidate #7 is Senator Marco Rubio, who has had a difficult time since his “Amnesty – Gang of 8” vote. Certainly prior to his amnesty mess, I would have said Sen. Rubio had a chance. But not any more. He dissed his Tea Party supporters and many felt betrayed and left his side to support Sen. Cruz.

Candidate #8 was close. Almost too close. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky squeezed in. Senator Paul is the only libertarian in the group, but is certainly not his Dad. He has not always had the courage to speak out like Cruz in the Senate. Sen. Paul also lost credibility with me, when he didn’t support Matt Bevin.

That leaves two spots remaining. Candidates nine and ten. I must say the results were close.

For the final two, we have Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey and Governor Kasich squeezing through by a slim margin. All that I can say is, BOY they are lucky to be even ON this stage on Thursday with the others. I’m sure many of you are wondering “How did that happen?”. I know I am. I guess those last minute local ads must have paid off for Gov. Christie. It certainly wasn’t the tolls or his conservative record.

After the Fox announcement, Kasich said in a statement:

“It’s only fitting that this phase of the Republican presidential nomination begins in Ohio – the Mother of Presidents. After all, no Republican has ever won the presidency without Ohio. As governor, I am glad to welcome my fellow debate participants to our great state and I look forward to discussing the issues facing our country with them on Thursday.”

Well, certainly we all look forward to the Republican Presidential 2016 debates, but Gov. Kasich, not so much.

So who MISSED the cut? Well, that leaves former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Sen. Rick Santorum, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, businesswoman Carly Fiorina, Sen. Lindsey Graham, former New York Gov. George Pataki, and former Sen. Jim Gilmore. Several were within the margin of error, but hey that’s the way the cookie crumbles. What did you expect with 16 candidates running?

Santorum will be whining, I can hear it now, but what else is new? He ran already – a few times. Give it up. It’s time for some “fresh” candidates. Gov. Perry will also be whining, as he probably figured he “deserved a second shot” after his disastrous 2o11 run. Chin up boys!

The good news is Fox News is going to let Santorum and Perry, along with the other final seven, participate in a one-hour forum at 5 p.m. on Thursday just ahead of the debate. Aren’t we lucky? Or should I say, aren’t THEY lucky! I mean come on! That’s a LOT of people to try and squeeze on one stage at one time! Do we really want to debate that issue!?



Written by Nancy Hayes

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