Any Chance Trump Really IS Batman?

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Maybe. He says he is, but Bruce Wayne protects his Bat Identity so maybe not. At the rate Trump is plowing through the established list of Republican candidates though, he might be.

The bigger question though, is Hillary Clinton Catwoman? Or Fatwoman?

As to Trump


It turns out that a Liam Bowman, a nine-year-old Iowa boy, was at the State Fair celebrating his three-year-old brother’s birthday. His mom is involved in Iowa politics and met Donald Trump who offered the family a ride in his helicopter. With Trump was a documentary filmmaker who is filming all of the candidates running for President. Liam was asked to wear a Go-Pro camera so they could get a kid’s perspective on the campaign.

Before the helicopter ride, Liam had asked his father, David, if Trump was Batman, because Trump has a black helicopter, has lots of money, and is a nice guy. David told Liam that he would need to ask Trump that question.

So, while in the air, Liam asked Trump just that. “Mr. Trump, are you Batman?”

Being in a jovial mood, Trump said, much like any grandfather or uncle may, “I am Batman.”

“It was just my boys being boys,” said Sarah. “You know, talking about comic books.”

Hopefully, they’ll put the video up and we’ll post it.

This is an important story because crime rates are rising in every major US city. Cities, and especially the federal government, don’t seem to have a clue why it’s happening. The trend is also happening all over the world, just look at Russia and any country with a significant Muslim population.

Again, our President is clueless about what to do to restore order.

This may well be Donald Trumps’ moment.


In times like these you can make a good case that it takes someone like Batman to restore order.


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