Carly Fiorina Praises Hillary Clinton in 2008 – I Guess She Forgot? [video]

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Remember when Carly Fiorina praised Hillary Clinton during the 2008 election race? Well Fiorina apparently doesn’t. A video and audio clip of Fiorina, now a Republican presidential candidate, has surfaced showing Fiorina speaking very fondly of Clinton, as detailed in a story on BuzzFeed.

Carly goes on to add:

“She was a great candidate. She has helped millions of women all over this country. Women of any political party owe a debt of gratitude to Hillary Clinton and I will bet that every woman up here agrees with me,” said Fiorina.

Carly! Carly! Carly! I am a woman. I am a Constitutional Conservative and I don’t think I owe ANY debt of gratitude to Hillary Clinton. Now or back in 2008. 

Carly continues:

“I have such great admiration and empathy for Hillary Clinton,” Fiorina says in the video. “I have great admiration for her because I know what it takes in some small measure to do what she has done. She is obviously incredibly intelligent, focused, tough, determined, empathetic of all the tens of millions of people that she was trying to represent in her quest to become the first woman president of the United States.”

Carly! I thought you had a lot going for you. However, when you said that Hillary Clinton is “incredibly intelligent” or even “empathetic”, I REALLY have to disagree. How can one woman be so intelligent and yet so stupid? Are you kidding me? There is a list a mile high of Hillary Clinton lies and deceit to the American people. Just the 2012 deaths of U.S. personnel in Benghazi alone should be enough. Add to that the whole private email server fiasco, erasing of emails and concern for classified information, in addition to the Clinton Foundation – all stories by themselves. Before that you say? Well, take your pick – Whitewater, Troopergate, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Vince Foster. Like I said, the list goes on and on. 

Then, Carly continues to add:

“And as a woman, I take great pride in the fact that Hillary Clinton ran for president. And I also watched with a lot of empathy as I saw how she was scrutinized, characterized, talked about as a woman,” continued Fiorina.

Really? Seems to me your words today are somewhat different. Why just the other day I heard you say:

“Like Hillary Clinton, I too have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe, but unlike her, I have actually accomplished something. Mrs. Clinton, flying is an activity, not an accomplishment.”

Great line! and True! But now, as women or even American citizens who will be voting for President of the United States of America, I have to say which Carly are we going to get? The one that one who has great admiration for Hillary or the one that believes Hillary has no accomplishments?

I will use Carly’s words to summarize:

“While I think woman have made great progress in so many ways I’ve also known from personal experience that women in positions of power – particularly bold women – who are trying to drive change as Hillary Clinton most surely is…bold women, women in power are characterized, scrutinized differently than their male counterparts are.”

Yes! Well said, Carly! You certainly are a woman of power. However, you should soon be experiencing the same scrutinization as your male counterparts when it comes to running for President of the United States of America. Let’s start with your judgement of Hillary Clinton.



Written by Nancy Hayes

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