“Calm in the Chaos” – An Interview with Michael and Krista Branch [video]

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We are to be the peace in the storm, the calm in a world of chaos.

“When the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of The Lord will lift up a standard against it.” We have to be that standard!

 This is a message of faith, family, freedom, of loving God and loving others. Hopefully it will inspire people to find their purpose and to stand up and make a difference. 

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Recently, Joe For America took time out to interview Krista and Michael Branch. In 2010, Krista Branch’s song “I Am America” became a hit with many conservatives. Today, Krista and Michael are back with a new song and a new album “Calm in The Chaos”. Motivated by all the “crazy” things going on in our world – including Christians being tortured and killed, the systematic and the ceremonial rape of women and children  in our own country, and the diabolic abortion practices and profits of Planned Parenthood. This is an interview with Krista and her husband, Michael.

First, some background on Krista Branch in case you haven’t heard “I Am America” or want to know a little more about her, her husband, Michael and their powerful messages and songs.

Krista Branch is a singer who’s song “I Am America” has been called the anthem of the Tea Party. “I Am America” aired on the Glenn Beck radio show and quickly became popular afterwards. It even became Herman Cain’s theme song for his presidential campaign. Within a month of the song being released the video had nearly 475,000 views. Today “I Am America” has about 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Another song,  “Remember Who We Are” became a featured song on a video from Branch promoting Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally on 8/28. The video of “Remember Who We Are” was made “Video of the Day” on Glenn Beck’s site in 2010. This same song became Rick Santorum’s theme song for his presidential race in 2010, as well.

Shortly thereafter, Krista came out with another song called “Lead Me On”. This song was written by Michael W. Smith and performed by Amy Grant. Krista loved the message of the song and wanted to do a cover and music video supporting Israel. The video was a pro-Israel video that contained imagery related to the history of the Jewish people, including a prominent emphasis on the Holocaust.

Still later, Krista and Michael – came out with the song “Born Free”. Michael was motivated to write the song after hearing the Congressional testimony of Becky Gerritson, a mom and teacher caught up in the Internal Revenue Service scandal targeting Conservatives.

Today, Krista and Michael are back with a new song and a new album – “Calm In The Chaos”. Motivated by all the “crazy” things going on in our surrounding world – including Christians being tortured and killed in the Middle East and the abortion and  destruction of babies by Planned Parenthood.

All lives matter! It’s time for Conservatives, Patriots and Americans to take a stand! It’s time to be heard! It’s time for “Calm in the Chaos” by Krista and Michael Branch. Michael and Krista are back!

What a wonderful gift the Branch’s have.

Here’s their interview.


Joe For America (JFA): Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. When did you first realize you were really good at singing?

Krista: (laughs and asks) ….Really good? (laughs more and adds)

I know that I have always thoroughly enjoyed singing. I guess I was probably 12 years old, when I first decided that I was going to work hard at it. Singing is want I’ve always wanted to do and I just enjoy it!

Michael: – She’s worked incredibly hard to become the vocalist that she is today. She has got an amazing work ethic.  (says my husband, and laughs)

JFA: Michael, she obviously has you as your #1 fan.

Michael: It’s true! That is a fact!

JFA: Who are your musical inspirations?

Krista : I grew up always loving Christian Music. My favorite all time artist was always Amy Grant. I connected with her at a young age and followed her throughout her career. As far as the music what we write and perform music, I was raised in church and having that passion for the Lord and his people, is really all I ever wanted to sing about; that’s where my heart is. Christian Music has had a big impact on my upbringing and journey, as well.

JFA: How about you Michael?

Michael: I started out listening to John Denver. When I was a kid, I listened to what my parents were listening to. We lived in the Rocky Mountains and John Denver just seemed to fit. Later on, I became a huge fan of  Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman. Then, of course, I am a big Johnny Cash fan. I love Johnny Cash. I really love the stuff he did in his later years. I thought it was very raw and truthful and I thought that was great. That’s what we need in music. We needed a big heavy dose of truth! Most recently, ….there is a big difference between whether you like the lyrics or whether you like the style. Our style has been heavily influenced by the 80s. (Krista laughs) Pretty much anything in the 80’s that was popular, we really enjoyed and it has influenced our music and writing.

JFA:  If you weren’t singing, Krista, what would you be doing?

Krista: Well, I have 3 kids – I am doing what I else I would be doing, which is being a stay-at-home mom. They are 12, 13, and 14 now. They are easy – I raised them am still raising them. I did the stay-at-home mom thing and have really enjoyed it. I loved it. Other than that, we worship in the church and we are involved in the church. Music and family. That is really where my heart is. Those are my two big things.  Our kids are great. We actually have them singing on the album – singing on one song. I’m really excited to have them on the album.

JFA: Michael, where do you come up with the songs and where do you get your ideas for the lyrics?

 Michael: I would have to say, sometimes they are inspired by current events. But always led by or directed by God or the Spirit. I believe it is our job to speak the truth, to be a positive example for people and to try and make a difference for people in our lives. For me, writing has always been about teaching lessons and making you think about something in a different way than you may have before. I really want to write songs that are meaningful, that cause people to stop and think and ultimately make a change in their life, because of something they heard inspired them.

JFA: Your songs are a BIG hit with Conservatives and a BIG hit with the Tea Party movement.

Your song “I AM AMERICA”  – of course, became Herman Cain’s theme song back in 2010. Why do you think your songs are such a big hit with Conservatives?

Michael: I just think that.. I can only answer that by telling you, what people have told me as a writer. Even the first conversation I had with Herman Cain. He just called me up. I was outside working. I get a phone call.  I had never met Herman. I had actually never even heard of Mr. Cain. Of course, his big booming voice was on the other end of the line.

(Herman) He said, “Is this the Michael Branch, who’s wife sang that song that you wrote…  “I Am America”?”

I said, “Yes Sir. Yes sir, it is.”

He said, “I have got to tell you that that song just moved me and brought me to tears. You said the EXACT same thing I have been thinking. It’s like you wrote what was in my heart and in my mind. You wrote it down in a song.” That seems to be….the thing that people really…

Krista: That is what we hear most commonly.

Michael: Yes…they really  just grab onto the lyrics! It make them feel they are not alone, in the way they think and the way they feel. It’s almost like a confirmation that I am not insane. It’s a confirmation that there are other people out there, who understand the times in which we live. That things are a little bit crazy and we need to be the “Calm in the Chaos”.

JFA: I didn’t realize your other song – “REMEMBER WHO We Are” became Rick Santorum’s campaign theme song. 

Krista: Right. That came later. We traveled around with Herman Cain. He was using “I AM AMERICA”. Shortly thereafter, we met Mr. Santorum. He picked up “Remember Who We Are” for his theme song. I wasn’t expecting that. His people just called us up and asked if he could use it. It’s not about picking our songs to a candidate’s name. It’s about getting the message out – no matter WHO it is! We are honored for anyone to use the song for the right reasons – that understands what the songs are speaking. We enjoy the message getting out there.

Michael: One of the things I was telling Krista, that I wanted to say with this new album, “Calm in the Chaos” is …. every patriot needs a theme song. There are 12 new songs on this album. Choose one!  Every single patriot can find one that will represent who they are or what they believe, and inspire them. We are hoping….there are about 17 candidates out there. Maybe a couple, three or four could choose one of our songs this time around. You know what’s interesting? There is a song on this album “Calm in the Chaos” that was inspired by Ted Cruz’s announcement speech. It’s called – Liberty’s SONG!

JFA: Liberty’s Song?

Michael: Liberty’s Song. Yes. It was really inspired by Ted’s speech talking about his father. I have got to say, I think personally, this country has not seen a candidate the ‘caliber of Ted Cruz’, really in I don’t know how long. I think…he really has a Founding Father’s like intellect and passion for this country. I’m really excited about his candidacy. Hopefully, folks will realize we need to get behind one guy and make sure this whole thing is not split up. You know, the usual divide and conquer routine, which then allows the wrong guy to get the nod.

JFA: Let’s talk about your new album, “Calm in the Chaos”. When will it debut?

Michael:  August 28th

Krista: One thing we have to do from the start is thank every single person who gave toward the Kickstarter campaign. They believed in the music to the degree that they were willing to give to help make it happen. The process took longer than we expected, it never really goes as planned. But without all those wonderful Kickstarter supporters this album could not have been made. Thank you all! The fruit of their donations and long wait ends August 28th!

JFA: Why that date?

Well it’s coinciding with an event in that we feel very strongly about happening in Birmingham, Alabama  on 8/28 and 8/29. It’s called:  “Never Again Is Now”. It’s hosted by Mercury One, a non-profit organization that is raising money for our brothers and sisters in Christ over in the Middle East, who are being slaughtered, raped, and…murdered…

Krista: tortured…

Michael: …tortured, for the cause of Christ. Not only that, the second theme of the event is “All Lives Matter”. There’s been a strong emphasis on Planned Parenthood. We believe very strongly in those two causes, both – supporting our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Middle East and the…

Krista…the Unborn.

Michael: and the unborn. Absolutely! We have got to do something right now! These videos are coming out and it has opened a door of opportunity that we have never had open to us before. If we don’t step up and make a change NOW. We may NEVER get this opportunity again. Folks need to stand up and be heard! I just encourage everyone to not shy away from the tough subject! It’s time to speak out! So we are releasing our album at the same time of #NeverAgainIsNow.

Krista: A lot of the songs you will hear on the record speak to what’s going on in our country right now. That’s pretty incredible considering most of the songs were written a year or two ago, but they coincide so well with the heard behind this event on 8/28 in Birmingham.

Michael:  It is music for such a time as this. It is a call for us to do something! Our response as Conservatives in this country is too often one of fear or anger. What we are trying to say is through these songs is be wise. We know God is in control. We should not allow what is going on around us to cause us to be fearful or angry, but rather we should place our trust in HIM and then we ourselves, our purpose should be the “calm in the chaos”. We should bring light, love, and beauty to everything around us.  We should exhibit forgiveness, but boldly speak the truth.  We are the ones that need to stand up and speak a message of hope to people when the world crumbles around us. We certainly do not need to fall into the rut of being fearful or angry all the time, that adds to the problem and offers no solutions.

Krista:  I have had the privilege of traveling all over the country and singing at all these different conservative and patriotic events. I’ve had so many experiences and I have had the chance to meet so many wonderful people. Just seeing people’s hearts for this country has been SO inspiring. Along with that, sometimes a time comes of fear and this uneasiness. I felt strongly about being a person that was singing about things bringing peace, calm, but you  are getting a dose of truth, as well. You’re emboldened and encouraged. That’s really what I hoped this album would be. That’s why we named it “Calm in the Chaos”.

Michael: The album is not all hugs and cuddles.

(Krista laughs)

Michael: There is one particular song called “Bold and Courageous”. It is tad sarcastic. If you plug Common Core or Big Government into the context, it’s very sharp and will give you something to think about.

JFA: How did you get connected to Mercury One?

Michael: Well, it’s Glenn Beck’s company. Glenn Beck gave Krista her first big push five years ago when he played “I Am America”. That’s what really got it out there. Beck invited Krista to sing on his American Revival tour and his “Restoring Honor” event in Washington, DC 8/28.

This event, #NeverAgainIsNow is an 8/28 event in Birmingham. We are going to walk the same streets Martin Luther King walked. A call to “Restore Unity”. It’s a call for  ALL people to stand up! We’ve had the opportunity to spend time with Glenn Beck and to us, he feels like family, like a big brother. We support what he’s doing.

Krista: This event speaks to who we are and how we  feel.  I am honored to be a part of it.

Michael: We are going there to support the event and we will be shooting part of a music video, “Don’t Give Up” at the event on 8/28 and 8/29. The album will be released on 8/28. The video for “Don’t Give Up” will be released the first week of September.

JFA: Any other songs on the album you’d like to talk about?

Michael: The one that the whole family is singing on is called “You and Me”. It’s a love song that I wrote for Krista.

Krista: Michael wrote a FUN song. It’s really cute. It’s a family song.

JFA: Do you have a favorite song on the album?

Krista: I love them all. There is so much variety and instrumentation. I am really big into the actual production and instrumentation.

JFA: Michael did you produce all of her songs?

Michael: No. We are a team. Krista, myself, and our longtime friend, David John.

Krista: He’s based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ve known David a long time. We asked David if he would be interested in producing this album, “Calm in the Chaos” since he produced “I Am America”. Michael writes the songs and David adds the instrumentation.

Michael: I send David John a “lump a coal” and he sends back a “diamond”. He is a creative genius! He has done every one of our songs on this album. In addition, Krista and I have another friend, Jason Burkes, who supports our video productions. Jason produces and shoots many of our music videos. His company, Retrospec Films, is out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, as well. Krista and I edit the videos, but Jason produces them.

JFA:  Are you planning on going on tour after the album “Calm in Chaos” is released?

Michael: That depends on the response.

Krista: We are open for bookings.

Michael: We want Krista to be out there, …doing what she loves to do.

Krista: We don’t have any scheduled events

The only way this music gets out there is if you share it! Krista and Michael are working so hard to produce quality music with a message! It’s important we WAKE UP America!


We invite you to please share this music with your family, friends and colleagues!


If you are interested in booking an event, contact [email protected]kristabranch.com

If you are interested in purchasing songs from the album they will be available on iTunes or at kristabranch.com or store.kristabranch.com

If you enjoy the music: David John has produced all of Krista’s songs, but one. Contact David at musosolus.com or [email protected]

If you enjoy the videos: Jason Burks has been the videographer for Krista’s songs/videos and can be reached at Retrospecfilms.com


Krista Branch can be followed on Twitter @kristabranch or @kbranchmusic

Krista Branch Music can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Krista-Branch-Music/172827443305 

Krista and Michael Branch have three beautiful children and they reside in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Michael and Krista are planning a new church with a unique mission called ” Brightstar Church “. Brightstar Church will focus on three things. First, by educating families how to leverage the truth of God’s word to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Second, they will impact the culture by educating parents and young people how to infuse the truth through creativity in the arts, such as, film production, song writing,  storytelling and theatre. Last, but not least, they will have a strong focus on families who have kids with special needs. Eighty-five percent of such families do not attend church because they cannot be accommodated. That should not be the case, so Brightstar Church will prepare a place for those families. The church meets every Sunday at the local coffee house.



Interviewed and Written by Nancy Hayes


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