California: First State for Compulsory Vaccinations

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California becomes the first state in the United States to introduce compulsory vaccinations for adults and children (SB 792 and SB 277 respectively).

Get ready because here comes that “Transformation of America” – for all of you that wanted “change” and voted for Obama.

Note: This is an opinion piece and the views do not necessarily represent the views of Joe For America.

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Thanks to you – the “New World Order” and medical fascism is in place in California.

But don’t worry, California and the United States won’t be alone. Did you know the World Health Organization a subsidiary of the United Nations, can mandate in ALL 194 signatory nations. That’s right!

So when did MY BODY become the property of the government? When did THE GOVERNMENT become such at expert at MY BODY? Must have been the same time they became an expert at knowing who my doctor should be! I guess the government has the right to violate my beliefs because they know SO much more about injecting me with toxins. Shouldn’t it be MY CHOICE to decide if I want MY BODY to be vaccinated or not? Shouldn’t it be MY CHOICE if I want MY KIDS vaccinated or not?

Wake up America! So not only do we have a law that requires us to have healthcare, but on top of that, if you live in California, you are now lucky enough to have the government tell you what toxins are good for your body! Oh yay! What’s next – the government deciding that I have to fund abortion for others? Oh wait! They already do that! Or how about the government deciding that I should fund operations for transgenders? Nope. They already do that too!


I guess we should back up. Why did this even happen you ask?

Oh, that’s right. Remember that border thing? Remember when Obama let in all those immigrants and didn’t check or verify if they were legal or had vaccines? Remember when Disneyland had an outbreak of measles? Remember when Governor Jerry Brown of California signed the law mandating vaccines? Suddenly it’s all making sense – at least if you are a liberal who supports fascism.

We have a government – Obama’s government – that refuses to secure our borders. Diseases come across our borders with illegal immigrants. Since we allow this stupidity, we just continue down that road of nonsense and say, “what the heck – let’s just MANDATE vaccinations for all!” Because, God knows that makes sense, right?

Once again, this isn’t about vaccinations and “the good of others”. This is about control! This is about government regulation, but MOST importantly, this is about defending our freedom and our own body!

How much more of this crud are we going to take? How much more destruction of America will Americans sit and watch as Obama transforms America into a socialist society? This is the “hope and change” that many of you voted TWICE for! Sorry, but NOT me! I like my freedom! I like deciding for MYSELF what I want to do to MY Body.

If I want shots, I want to decide that for myself. If I want my kids to get shots – fine, but it should be a choice! If you want the UN to tell me what shots I must have, just TRY sticking me with that needle to see how far you really get! I dare you!




Written by Nancy Hayes

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