BREAKING: Black Lives Don’t Matter in Ferguson – SHOTS FIRED AT POLICE

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Ferguson is celebrating the death of Michael Brown with riots and looting. And attempts to murder police officers. How fitting.


FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — A suspect who authorities say opened fire on officers in Ferguson, Missouri, on the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death was critically wounded when the officers shot back, St. Louis County’s police chief said early Monday.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the latest police-involved shooting would spur renewed unrest in Ferguson, the site of many protests – some violent – in the aftermath of Brown’s death on Aug. 9, 2014. Protest groups were quick to criticize the police response to protesters who gathered along West Florissant Avenue on Sunday night.

The animals tried to burn down Ferguson a year ago, it’s hard to believe they won’t try it again. To be fair to the folks in Ferguson, most of the people doing the organizing and burning last year were apparently from out of town.

As far as “Black Lives Matter” goes, they don’t matter and won’t matter until the black community gets around to finding some heroes who are not thugs and felons.

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