Beyonce Tried To Honor Mike Brown On Her Facebook Page And It Backfired Big Time

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It’s been a year since the death of suspect Michael Brown and the subsequent rioting that destroyed much of Ferguson, Missouri. So how better to honor that event than with a post on Facebook by Beyonce. 



In an article by B. Christopher Agee written for Western Journalism:

The black-and-white image of a man accused of attacking a Ferguson police officer before he was shot and killed last year contained the singer’s promise that Brown is “forever in our hearts.”

While early reports suggested Brown was unarmed and cooperative when he was shot, subsequent evidence indicates officer Darren Wilson was justified in his use of force. The fact that Beyonce chose to embrace the early narrative, describing Brown’s legacy as indicative of the “fight for society to respect the humanity of all people,” was enough to spark outrage from a variety of social media critics.

and rightly so.

One Facebook user complained:

“Beyonce, I can’t believe you are praising a thug sure says a lot about you!!”

Amen! Still more support stated:

“Let’s remember Officer Darren Wilson,” Robert Webb wrote, “who’s [sic] career was taken from him when this idiot choose [sic] suicide by cop.”


Wilson received death threats in the wake of the shooting, forcing him to leave his career behind and withdraw from public life.

So a black kid gets shot for being a thug, and certain entertainers want you to know – they are remembering the “thug”. How sweet is that? 

Obama must be proud, right? I’m guessing Beyonce sang at the White House a few times, without even looking it up. I mean – THIS is what Obama and George Soros want – a DIVIDED United States of America. A country that is divided will NOT stand. Obama and George know this and believe you me, they are “drooling” for more riots. They want a country that is rioting across many cities, so they can then go on TV and say ” oh look, we just wanted to jump in and help, because there were so many riots that  – the country needed our help”! Wake up America! If you actually believe this stuff – you are really part of the problem. 

I personally liked these posts on Beyonce’s Facebook:

“Let’s remember Officer Darren Wilson who’s career was taken from him when this idiot choose suicide by cop.”

“Rip this thug? …that(‘s) what’s wrong with society…you just lost my respect.”

“Beyoncé …. Never listening or buying your songs again.”

“Really, u want to honor a person who was terrible to our society. Shame on u Beyonce.”

Loved this one too on Beyonce’s Facebook:

“This man disobeyed the law, didn’t do what he was told! He got what was coming to him! The media and black people are making it to be a “color” thing. Stop thinking it’s all about you guys when it’s NOT!!!!!! If he would have taken orders and done what the officer told him to do he would still be alive! I don’t feel sorry for Mike Brown, not one bit! This is not about racial injustice. This is about a thug wanting to do what the hell he wanted to. I saw the video of when he punked an elderly man as well. It was truly sad. That should show you what kind of person he was. Stop making this seem like it’s a white officer verse a poor black soul. Ummm no!!! This story was about an officer combating the daily duties of risking his life with dangerous people and dangerous situations with people like Mike Brown. End of story!!!!”

But the best one, in my opinion was this one:

“So sad that a thief and someone who disrespects authority gets more recognition than the men and women who risk their lives’ everyday overseas.”


So, here it is a year after Michael Brown’s death, even though Darren Wilson was legally vindicated in the killing of Michael Brown, Darren does not live the life of a free man. Very few people know where he lives. He hasn’t been able to land a new police job yet, and he his haunted by death threats still. 

Do you think Beyonce cares about Darren Wilson’s life being destroyed? How about Obama?

And the amazing thing is – here we go again. Monday, Ferguson, Missouri was in the news again. More riots. Another shooting. More protests. More repeated insanity – all because certain people, probably those same people that supported Beyonce’s post, wanted to remember one black thug killing an officer who was doing his job a year ago.

Of course, the MSM and Obama love this news! We have another shooting of a young alleged gunman, and 18-year-old Tyrone Harris of St. Louis. He was shot several times by St. Louis County Police officers after the teenager fired heavy shots of gunfire at police. 

So, my question is  – Do you think Beyonce will post about Tyrone Harris? Do we really care?

I know! How about we all sing or play a song like ‘Deja Vu” or better yet “Beautiful Liar” — in honor of Beyonce.



Written by Nancy Hayes

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