Bernie Sanders Not Impressed With Questions About Candidate’s Hair

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So it’s the Democratic Presidential race. 

We get it: As a woman running for President of the United States for a second time, Hillary Clinton has been — and probably will continue to be — the subject of at least mildly sexist media coverage and political attacks alike.


But how do you ask her leading Democratic primary opponent about it?

Over at the New York Times Magazine, Ana Marie Cox took a stab at it with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), opting for a somewhat coy approach.

Simply put, Sanders wasn’t amused:

Cox: Do you think it’s fair that Hillary’s hair gets a lot more scrutiny than yours does?

Sanders: Hillary’s hair gets more scrutiny than my hair?

Cox: Yeah.

Sanders: Is that what you’re asking?

Cox: Yeah.

Sanders: O.K., Ana, I don’t mean to be rude here. I am running for president of the United States on serious issues, O.K.? Do you have serious questions?

Seriously Ms. Cox? This is NOT a serious question.  A serious question might have been about Benghazi, or ISIS, or Clinton’s email’s being erased, or thousands of other questions that come to mind, especially from an administration that has so much dirt swept under the rug. I know 5th graders who could ask more intelligent or serious questions of a candidate running for President.

Cox goes on to and tries to defend her question as a “serious” question:

Cox: I can defend that as a serious question. There is a gendered reason —

Sanders: When the media worries about what Hillary’s hair looks like or what my hair looks like, that’s a real problem. We have millions of people who are struggling to keep their heads above water, who want to know what candidates can do to improve their lives, and the media will very often spend more time worrying about hair than the fact that we’re the only major country on earth that doesn’t guarantee health care to all people.

So let me get this straight! We have a journalist at the ‘NY Times Magazine’ who is defending hair as a “gender” question? REALLY? This is why people are tired of the MSM or the “drive-by’s”. Ms. Cox thinks asking questions about Clinton’s hair is sexist and REAL journalism. I don’t know where she got her degree from, but they obviously drank too much Kool Aid.

Then, we have a socialist candidate running to replace another socialist candidate and all he wants is to “guarantee health care to all people”. Great! Just what we need – more government dependency and regulation. 

I don’t know what’s worse – a) journalist who doesn’t know how to hold people accountable or do any real kind of investigative journalism, or b) a socialist candidate that doesn’t understand why this country is so screwed up to begin with.

Stop it! I’m embarrassed for BOTH of you! This is why our country is a disaster!

The MSM doesn’t care to ask the serious questions of Obama or Hillary Clinton. If they did we wouldn’t be in such a mess in the first place. And, finally, Democratic candidates that believe  -“Government is the solution to all our problems” – are part of the problem NOT the solution. 


Written by Nancy Hayes

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