Bernie Sanders Makes Pitch To Conservatives

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Bernie Sanders is eating Hillary Clinton’s lunch. And dinner. He’s currently leading her in New Hampshire and is drawing big crowds everywhere he goes talking about the middle class. Hillary, on the other hand, is drawing flies in the Hamptons while on vacation in her shanty rental.


The shanty cost the Hillary $100,000 for her little vacation. To be fair to Mrs. Clinton, she would have to work up to half an hour to earn that kind of money from one of her speeches.

Bernie and his campaign say they are for the middle class and they’re working hard to attract “conservative” voters. Just this week he was in South Carolina making his pitch.

Enthusiastic crowds in the Midlands and the conservative Upstate rallied behind Bernie Sanders’ populist message Friday.

The Democratic presidential hopeful’s campaign estimated that 2,700 people filled the Medallion Center ballroom in Columbia. The diverse crowd overflowed into another room and the lobby.

Earlier Friday, Greenville got a taste of “Bernie-mania,” when Sanders drew a mostly – but not exclusively – white crowd of 2,800 to the TD Convention Center for the self-described Democratic socialist’s first campaign event in the state.

Just how is Bernie hoping to attract “conservatives”?

Sanders said the election of President Barack Obama shows the nation’s progress. But, he added, “the bad news is that racism still remains a much too real part of American life.”

Of course Bernie didn’t note that the reason racism remains is Barack Obama. And then there’s the standard Progressive Socialist offerings.

Increasing the minimum wage – which Sanders called a “starvation wage” – offering free college and paid sick leave for all workers are among Sanders’ positions …

Bernie, college is never free. It’s just a question of who pays for it. Under your plan, taxpayers would pay for it – and probably write off $1 trillion in student loan debt. And let’s ignore the fact that federal subsidies of higher education have driven the cost of that education to ridiculous levels.

And then there’s Progressive family values.

He also took a jab at S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley, a Republican, and the GOP-controlled Legislature for rejecting federal money to expand Medicaid.

(I)t is terribly wrong to allow a rigid, right-wing political ideology to stand in the way of health care for hundreds of thousands. It is wrong to allow hundreds of people to die unnecessarily because they don’t have Medicaid. – Bernie Sanders

On “family values,” Sanders says he wants to end “the international embarrassment of the United States being the only major country on Earth that does not guarantee family medical leave.”

Sanders is a big proponent of expanding government run medical care along with mandating benefits that businesses must provide their employees. He is in love with single payer health insurance, and ObamaCare is just a step along the road to single payer.

Never mind that it was a huge failure in his home state of Vermont.

As far as Medicaid and Medicare are concerned, those two programs will destroy the nation, but Bernie has never let facts get in the way of his Progressive wet dreams.

Meanwhile, the fiscal gap separating the present value of all future projected federal expenditures—Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare, … you name it—and all future federal taxes and other receipts is, based on the CBO’s projections, a staggering $222 trillion.

That’s money the current and future generation will have to come up with in an economy that looks more like Greece’s.

To his credit, Bernie is finding some people who self-identify as “conservatives” who can be bought.

Columbia residents Paul Kinosian and Helene Goldson left Sanders’ Friday evening rally in Columbia talking about the candidate’s energy.

“He’s struck the nerve of what people are all (mad) about,” said Kinosian, adding he thinks Sanders can win because he strikes the right chords with voters.

Goldson likes Sanders’ family values.

And then there’s Ann Tupiak.

Ann Tupiak, 41, of Mauldin said she considered herself socially conservative – she voted for George W. Bush twice and would prefer it if Sanders opposed abortion – but she supports the independent’s economic and environmental policies, including his denunciation of the role that money has come to play in driving politics.

“I like that he is not being paid off” by corporate interests, she said.

Ann, here’s a picture of Bernie’s family values in action.

Planned Parenthood

You’re a hypocrite Ann. Hope you sleep well.

I expect we’ll be hearing more from the media as they search the hinterlands for “conservatives” who will be voting for Bernie (or Hillary) because the Republicans are extremists and don’t care about people.

The media will also be ignoring any black or brown faces that show up in support of any Republican candidate.

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