Ben Carson Just Did Something Even Donald Trump Couldn’t Pull Off: [VIDEO]


At first, neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson planned to speak in Phoenix to a couple thousand people . When over ten thousand showed up – he had to up and move everything and everybody to the Phoenix Convention Center. Scroll down for the full video:

For a political outsider like Carson to attract so many people to an event shows that real change is wanted, and no longer will politically correct, establishment-types be able to make a mess of our republic.

If he earns the GOP nomination and wins the general, maybe Ben Carson will be able to calm racial tension in this country, since it seems he is the complete opposite of our first black president.


Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, speaking Tuesday before a Phoenix crowd larger than the one that turned out weeks ago to hear front-runner Donald Trump, touched on themes of healing the country, following God and bringing authenticity to the race for the White House.

The former neurosurgeon, who has rocketed to near the top of the polls since the first Republican debate earlier this month, spoke to an estimated 12,000 people at the Phoenix Convention Center as they waved campaign signs reading “Heal,” “Revive” and “Inspire.”

This is really worth watching:

Carson acknowledged that until a few weeks ago his had been a long-shot campaign. But like in his career in medicine when he operated on thousands of patients to give them a better life, Carson said he was called by a higher power to enter politics to help others.

“All the pundits say it’s impossible,” Carson said to raucous applause. “I just said, ‘Lord, if you want me to do it, open the doors and I will walk through.’ ”


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