Armed Black Panthers Face Off With Texas Cops

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The Black Panthers are spoiling for a fight, or so it seems. They conducted a “demonstration” in front of a Waller County Sheriff’s office armed with AR-15s. So far it’s just noise.


This looked like a rerun of the 60s/70s Black Panthers with their Marxist chants.

The demonstrators were met head-on by deputies sent in from the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. The Waller County Jail is where Sandra Bland committed suicide after being arrested at a traffic stop.


The Black Panthers were armed with AR-15s and shotguns, but other than the remote possibility of losing a few IQ points from listening to their chants, there was no real threats of violence. This time.

Waller County called in reinforcements because last week demonstrators came into the Sheriff’s lobby and the demonstration disrupted operations at the office. This time there were no arrests.


I don’t expect the non-violence to last. The Black Panthers have been a violent, revolutionary group since their founding.


The new generation of Black Panthers are emboldened with Barack Obama in the House of Many Colors. He squashed indictments in 2009 for voter intimidation in Philadelphia and they know the Justice Department is on their side.


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