Another Illegal Obama Dreamer Confesses to Torture, Murder of Young American Girl: This One is Grisly **WARNING

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In New Jersey, a township man who was indicted on charges of murdering a female co-worker and setting her body and home on fire, pleaded guilty on Wednesday before Somerset County Superior Court Judge Julie M. Marino.



Juan Jimenez-Olivera, 30, pleaded guilty to murder, aggravated arson, desecrating human remains, theft, hindering apprehension and tampering with evidence in the death of Syiatlana Dranko on April 29, 2014.

Under a plea deal, the charge of first-degree aggravated sexual assault was dismissed and Jimenez-Olivera will serve a 30-year sentence without the possibility of parole on the murder charge.

Lock this dirtbag up and throw away the keys, but make sure to read him his rights, first! Lord knows we don’t want the case to get thrown out or dismissed on a technicality. Right?

Oh, I forgot to mention, Jimenez-Olivera is also facing an additional five years on the desecration of human remains charge.

All that I can say is – UNREAL! Right? You can’t make this stuff up! Just morbid!

In court, Jimenez-Olivera admitted that he strangled Dranko on April 29, set fire to her body and her townhouse to cover up the crime, stole $6,000 from her and lied to the police about his involvement in the crime before turning himself in two days later.

What ‘normal’ person sets fire to a beautiful young woman’s body and then to top it off, while her body is upstairs burning, goes and STEALS from her $6,000? Wonder what led him to turn himself in? Was it a slimy lawyer with no principles who just needs more money? or did he this idiot wake up on day 2 and say – oops!


Oh! and here’s the ‘kicker’!

Jimenez-Olivera and Dranko didn’t have a sexual relationship. The pair worked together at a pizzeria.

That’s right! A pizza place. So one day a beautiful, hardworking girl goes into work and then BAM! Her life is taken! Just like that!

Oh wait! There’s more!

Jimenez-Olivera is a citizen of Mexico and is in this country illegally!

That’s right! He is an illegal immigrant.

Seriously? GET OUT!

This is what we get as a nation, when we don’t enforce our current laws of immigration and continue to have “open” borders! Hey President Obama! Read my lips – “CLOSE OUR BORDERS” now! Stop THIS insanity!

When is America going to wake up and realize that as long as we don’t secure our borders and enforce the current laws, idiots like this will continue to come into our country to commit violent crimes against innocent young people?

We all know that these crimes CAN and SHOULD be prevented and avoided if federal, state and local governments took immigration seriously. Of course, if we had some Republicans in the Senate, other than Ted Cruz, that didn’t block Kate’s Law, Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco would still be alive today too!

Hey! Isn’t there an election coming up? Maybe this time around we can elect a President that will actually ENFORCE our current laws!

#WakeUpAmerica #VotesMatter



Written by Nancy Hayes

[email protected]

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