Actor Channing Tatum Honors Fallen Soldier: AWESOME


I don’t follow, or much care about, anything to do with Hollywood or “stars.” Honestly, they bore me because I think they’re boors. Then one of them comes along and shakes up my world.

Channing Tatum did just that with a Facebook post.


We are a Marine Corps family. Our son went into the Corps in 2001 before the Towers went down. He was in a Special Operations unit and when he was stateside he was stationed not too far from home. Any time they got leave he’d come home with at least one carload of his guys whose families were too far away to visit because they needed a “Corps mom” and Josh’s mom happily served that role.

His unit lost 44 Marines in Ramadi. They were our family.

I want to thank Mr. Tatum for reaching out to the family of Sgt. McKenna, it not only means a lot to them, it means a lot to every military family. Sometimes we feel forgotten and a simple recognition can put us back on course.

Thank you Channing. You’re a classy guy. Your mom taught you well.


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