100 Cubans Arrested in Havana Wearing Obama Masks Saying Their Oppression is Obama’s Fault

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Looks like Barack Obama isn’t real popular in … Cuba??

Color me shocked! I was sure he’d be a Hero of the Revolution! after restoring diplomatic relations with Castro, opening up trade with the US, and Cuba having to give up NOTHING in the bargain.

A total of over 100 Cuban dissidents were arrested this weekend, with more than 90 being hauled away on a bus by Cuban authorities on Sunday as they marched through Havana wearing masks of President Barack Obama, demanding the White House pressure Cuba to respect human rights and political freedom.



Why in the world would Cubans think Barack would pressure Castro to respect political freedom when Obama doesn’t?

The protests this Sunday, however, had a somewhat different flavor. Not only did the Ladies in White protest Raúl Castro’s dictatorship, but also President Obama’s support of the communist regime by triggering a “normalization” process in which Castro will be allowed to do business with American companies, but no demands have been made that his regime conform to international human rights standards. Protesters took to the streets wearing masks of President Obama in protest.

While demonstrators and Establishment politicians steadfastly refuse to hold Barack Obama accountable for the mess he’s making of America, in Cuba they have no problem doing exactly that.

Former political prisoner and husband of Ladies in White leader Beta Soler Ángel Moya told reporters the mask was a direct protest of the American president. “What is happening in Cuba is his fault, the Cuban government has been emboldened with negotiations… that’s why we wear this mask,” he explained.

John Kerry, fresh off his sell-out of the Middle East to Iran, will be in Havana to celebrate the opening of the U.S. Embassy on Saturday. Communist youth leaders are calling the new relationship a joyous occasion, “so long as the ideal that we aspire to is not watered-down and we do not betray a single one of our principles.”

Don’t worry guys, Obama and Kerry wouldn’t think of even asking you to betray a single one of your Marxist principles. Not a one.

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