This Australian Knows What Made America Great and Has An Amazing Wake-up Call For You [VIDEO]

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Sometimes it takes a foreigner who admires and loves America more than a lot of Americans do to lay the truth out for us. Nick Adams, a native Australian, knows what made America great and how to keep it that way. Happy Independence Day! (Visit Nick’s Website HERE)

This is one of the most inspirational and timely videos I’ve seen. Pass this on today – JULY 4th – so everyone can hear the unvarnished truth about what and who is out to destroy this great country on our birthday. Hit PLAY (below)

Why don’t our politicians talk like this? Because they’re afraid – they’re too busy collaborating with the enemy and collecting money and power.

This is a wake-up call like I’ve never heard.

If you’ve never shared a post, article or video before – do it now.

Patriotism has been under sustained attack in the West, and is one of the great lost virtues of our time. But this site is proudly red, white and blue. Together we will make a difference in ensuring that America remains strong, for a strong America is a strong world.

God Bless you, and God Bless America.

Nick Adams

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