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A very inspiring message from a friend of mine trying to save the Up! house. It happens to be in a nearby city, and is a community icon. Read on:


The Edith Macefield house in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood is lovingly referred to as the “Up House”, and rumored to be part of the inspiration behind Disney Pixar’s animated movie “Up”. Edith Macefield refused to sell her home in the face of massive retail development surrounding her residence as well as countless financial offers. In 2006 she turned down $1 million, refusing to move. The result was a house in the middle of a shopping complex.

In a strange twist of events when Edith passed away in 2008, it was learned that she had willed the house to the developer who had wished to purchase it. The developer did not want to demolish the house as it had grown to become an icon of the community, a tourist attraction, and some would say now a historic landmark. The house was put on the market but has since failed to attract a buyer due to its now precarious location and the cost of maintaining it there. It has been painted, decorated with balloons, and countless people visit daily leaving notes, ribbons, and balloons on the fence in front of it. Now the house faces demolition if a buyer cannot be found. Even if a buyer is found they may likely have to relocate the home if they are unable to financially maintain it in its current location.This would be a blow to all those who have come to adore it, and a slap in the face of Edith Macefield who refused as was her right to move even in the face of large amounts of money and pressure from developers.

I am petitioning for the Walt Disney Company to purchase the home, maintain it as shown below or similar to in the movie, and keep it in its current location. This would not only be great for the community, but a win for Disney as well as they would easily be able to monetize it, officially adopting it as part of the “Up” franchise. Think “gift shop”. There are only 30 days left before the house will be either moved or demolished if nobody steps in. Please Disney, buy the “Up House” and preserve a piece of American history.

Please take the time – and it’s very little time- to sign the petition and share it on Facebook. Edith would be proud.

You can sign HERE.

H/T: Steven Wilson

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