Redskins Face Challenges from Obama Administration

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The Washington Redskins are considering a move from their current home of FedEx Field in Maryland.

Naturally, the Obama administration will not make it an easy process to return to D.C. As if anything dealing with them is easy to begin with, Obama is trying to throw down his tired, expired race card YET AGAIN.

Mind your own business, B.O., and let the NFL run football:


FedEx Field is only 18 years old. Even so, Snyder is looking to get out of the stadium before the team’s lease expires in 2026. D.C. owns RFK Stadium, the Redskins’ former home and the site of one proposed new stadium. However, the federal government owns the land on which RFK stands, and a report in the Washington Post indicates the name is a significant impediment in allowing the team to return to the District.

According to the Post, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell informed Washington’s mayor, Muriel E. Bowser, that the federal government likely would not permit the construction of a new stadium with the team’s current name in place. The “Redskins” name has drawn significant heat from protest groups for its racial connotations; team officials and supporters contend that the team’s name is indicative of bravery, heritage and tradition.

Jewell has long been a critic of the team’s name. “Personally, I think we would never consider naming a team the ‘Blackskins’ or the ‘Brownskins’ or the ‘Whiteskins,’” she said in an ABC interview last fall. “So, personally, I find it surprising that in this day and age, the name is not different.”

The District of Columbia leases the RFK Stadium land, as well as surrounding property, from the National Park Service. That lease is scheduled to expire in 22 years. D.C. is competing against Virginia for the possible construction of a new Redskins stadium site.

The debate on the Redskins name change has been a hotly contested item on most liberal agendas. Snyder denies that he will change the name ‘under any circumstances’. Recent events surrounding the Confederate flag have shown that most people will cave if enough people yell RACIST loud enough – even big box retailers and online marketplaces. Likely when someone remembers to complain about the Redskins, the sad precedent has been set for removal, regardless of Snyder’s wishes or demands.

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