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Obama Says He Can Win a Third Term: Then he gets Trumped [VIDEO]


Barack Obama may be an anti-Semitic hater of all things Jewish and Israel, but he takes no backseat to anyone when it comes that wonderful Yiddish term “chutzpah.”

Here he is in Africa discussing his chances for a third term victory.

Please note that he had to go to Africa to say that to get applause. Although he might be able to get that same reaction in any inner city in the U.S.

Donald Trump wasted no time responding.

Trump concluded his remarks with this gem.

“People are tired of these politicians. We need energy, we need enthusiasm, and we need a much tougher tone.”

And we also need to seal the border and reduce the population of illegal immigrants to as close to zero as we can. And Donald Trump is the only candidate talking about that.


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