Megyn Kelly Like You’ve Never Seen Her!

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You will not believe Megyn Kelly and the way she DESTROYS the ‘logic’ behind the liberal reasoning behind the lack of these brave service members killed at Chattanooga being awarded The Purple Heart, calling this behavior ‘totally insane’. She is amazing!

Western Journalism reports:

They were all killed in the line of duty, shot down by an attacker who targeted them because of their military service to America, felled in a hail of gunfire by a Muslim stranger known to have been interested in Islamic beliefs about martyrdom and the afterlife. Yet, unless the FBI declares that the shooter — identified as Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez — had specific ties to a terror organization such as ISIS, the five servicemen slaughtered in Chattanooga may not receive Purple Hearts and the accompanying benefits that would help their survivors.

On the Fox News show The Kelly File Monday night, Megyn Kelly dealt with the Purple Heart controversy that calls to mind the reluctance of President Obama to lower flags at the White House and other government buildings to half-staff in honor of the four Marines and one sailor murdered in Chattanooga.

The lengthy fight to have the Fort Hood shooting victims be awarded Purple Hearts was also part of the discussion between Kelly and retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer.

Well, DUH. This needs to be addressed. These folks deserve the honor and quite frankly the benefits of the award. Stop pussyfooting and make it happen. Like yesterday, OK?

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