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M.E.A.T. — Baby Wants Steak. NOW.


Being a MEAT eater, we absolutely love this story. Love, love, love it.

There are things that are better than a fine steak, we just can’t discuss them on a family site.


Except for this story from Italy.

The vegan parents of an 11-month-old Italian baby are under investigation after their son was rushed to hospital suffering severe malnutrition.


Doctors said the baby was severely malnourished and showed signs of deficiency in vitamin B12, which is found in foods including fish, meat, eggs and milk.

He could neither crawl nor sit himself up,” said Giovanni Federico, a paediatrician at the hospital.

The baby’s parents, who are in their early thirties, follow a vegan diet and do not eat meat, eggs or dairy products.

They fed their baby the same diet and he wasn’t interested in their veggies so mom just continued to breast feed him. That was a big oops.

Doctors allege that the mother’s diet caused a deficiency of vital vitamins in her breast milk, which she was feeding her son.

Following a blood test, he was also found to be lacking in iron and vitamin D.

The hospital indicted that they’d likely have to wait until the little boy was three or four before they could really get a handle on how much damage the vegan parents had done to their baby. Italian prosecutors are investigating to determine whether they should file charges against the parents.


You’ve probably noticed that vegans look like they’re on death’s doorstep. Maybe there’s a really good reason for that.

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