Life Ends Suddenly for a Wife of 65 Years by a Stray Bullet

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A life ended far to suddenly for an elderly couple.

Betty Lou Knight, married to Dale Knight, was struck by a stray bullet that ended her time on earth with her husband of 65 years.

The details of her sudden death follow:


When Dale Knight took his wife, Betty Lou Knight, to the back porch of their home to sit down, relax and watch the birds eat from their feeders, little did he know that would be the last time he’d get to spend with his wife of 65 years.

While sitting on their back porch, Betty, 84, was suddenly struck in the neck by a bullet of which authorities still haven’t determined the source. Law enforcement officers reported that she’d died on the scene.

Dale described to the officer that before he noticed Betty’s fatal neck wound, he’d heard gunfire around 3:30 p.m. Sunday, which was a rare sound to hear in the low-crime area of Oakville, Mo., a southern suburb of St. Louis.

Police weren’t able to find any signs of home invasion and ruled Dale out as a suspect. They still aren’t sure if the bullet was a stray from irresponsible shooters or if, for unknown reasons, Betty was the intended target of a gunman.

Betty’s daughter, 59-year-old Cindy Johnson, said her loving mother didn’t have any enemy in the world. She was affectionately known by her children and grandchildren as “Mother Nature” and “Grandma Birdie.”

Area residents were rightfully concerned, demanding answers.

“We just would like to hear something, because there seems to be a lot of, ‘Well, someone was killed,’ but how? And do we need to be worried about it?” said one of Betty’s neighbors, Jane Kolb.

According to the U.K Daily Mail, friends and family said Betty was the go-to person in the family for everything from hemming pants to taking care of sick grandchildren. She was also the primary caretaker for Dale, her husband.

The person who shot this weapon needs to be found, whether the shot was accidental or intentional. Let us all hope and pray that her killers are brought to justice. Grandma Birdie deserves that.

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