Libs coming after Trump hard but fail


Donald Trump is crushing the Republican field in New Hampshire. In the latest poll The Donald is pulling 24% in the crowded field while establishment favorite Jeb! Bush is languishing at 12%.

You’ll recall, if you have a really good memory, on Monday – two days ago – The Daily Beast hauled out a post that said Trump raped his former wife Ivana. It took about an hour for that to be shown to be a lie. In fact Ivana said it was a lie and endorsed The Donald.


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The story, which the major media was slathering over, didn’t hurt Trump.

The Monmouth University Poll released Tuesday morning puts the billionaire Trump at 24%  among likely Republican primary voters. Bush, the former Florida governor, has 12%.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Ohio Gov. John Kasich are tied for third place at 7%, but Walker is the second choice of 10%, putting him in better shape.

Including second choices, Trump was picked by 32% of those polled, compared with 22% for Bush and 17% for Walker.

As for those New Hampshire voters who want a political sex scandal in the White House, those would be on the Democratic side.

Democrats favor Clinton by 10, so they obviously yearn for the return of the “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” to the West Wing, even if he’s only the First Gentleman.

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