Kid Walks Into a ‘No-Go Zone’ – Gets Beat Up for Being White [WATCH]

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After the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the left assured and soothed all the ruffled tail feathers that there would be no such things as a ‘no-go zones’, which in case you weren’t aware, is a Muslim controlled area where Sharia Law rules and actual law doesn’t seem to exist. As in, police will NOT go to those areas, and sorry if you decide you are brave enough to enter as a non-Muslim, ok?

The liberal media continues to deny such ‘zones’ exist – but cameras prove otherwise.


The latest instance was a sickening video of a young Caucasian boy who made the mistake of wandering into a Muslim neighborhood. The 11- or 12-year-old boy (reports varied) was savagely beaten by two 13-year-old boys, while a third Muslim boy recorded the incident.

The assault happened in the United Kingdom town of Bradford, a suburb of Leeds. The video began with the young boy trying to run away from two much larger Muslim bullies chasing him down an ally.

While the boy was able to run into a garden, he’s unfortunately not safe from the two young thugs. He tried calling for help, but was trapped against a fence.

Really? You still think there aren’t ‘no-go zones’? I am pretty sure this boy and his family KNOW there are now. This kid was badly beaten by 3 other boys. That’s not even a fair fight. Who does that? People who hate you. Sad.

Remember, you aren’t going to see any of this in the liberal media, so share generously on Facebook, Twitter, or email. Our kids deserve protection from our police in these dangerous areas. Help them by MAKING recognition happen.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie, or email the author at [email protected]

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