“Joe The Plumber” to John McCain: “What Have You Done For Us Lately?”

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In 2008, the American people were given 2 choices: Bad and worse!! As you all know, we ended up with “worse” – but “bad” had a lot to do with “worse” being elected President.

Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Evangelicals and anyone else who might tend to support a GOP candidate just were not fired up about John McCain.

Truth is, Sarah Palin may not have won, but if she was at the top of the ticket and unleashed – who knows? At least conservatives would have been engaged…

John McCain was, as the kids say; “meh”..

Speaking of unleashed, Donald Trump has taken plenty of heat for his incendiary comments about John McCain’s war record (whether they were taken out of context or not) and McCain’s status as a “war hero.”

Donald Trump and I have something in common: We don’t care what the media or liberals or anyone else thinks about our opinion.

Some background: A lot has been written, speculated and outright lied about the McCain/Palin Presidential ticket and what went down in the 2008 election:

I myself know a bit about the whole fiasco, the results of which gave us trillions in debt, unemployment, ObamaCare, open borders, despair, deep and mounting racial resentment between Americans and the dozens of scandals since that election.

I know. I was there.

After then candidate Obama confessed in my front yard that he was indeed a Socialist, the John McCain Campaign soon came calling. Of course I didn’t want Barack Obama to be President after admitting he was a “spread the wealth” collectivist…

.. So I helped the GOP candidate. But.. (you knew that was coming).

When I stumped for John McCain back in 2008, you’ll notice the only thing I said was “John McCain served our country in the military and is a great American hero.” Fact is; I couldn’t say anything else because so many of his policies and votes on legislation suck!

I couldn’t say what they wanted me to say, that’s for sure. Bottom line? John McCain had only one thing going for him and that was his legendary status as a war hero during the conflict overseas – as John Prine would say.

It’s my opinion that John McCain has traded in on his “war hero” status way too many times.

When is the statute of limitations up where it concerns criticizing Senator John McCain? Because of his service and (immense) sacrifice to this country, people are reticent to really say what they mean because they’re too busy walking on military-issue eggshells.

Criticize a Veteran? Not on your life for their service and sacrifice – that deserves the ultimate praise and respect. But John McCain as a “Republican” – especially in a leadership position is an abject disaster.

I don’t know if we still say “RINO” but this guy is as squishy, RINO-Y and establishment as you get. The facts are in and John McCain is downright anti-conservative, pro-big government, soft on illegals and I’d like to see him out of the Senate.

So would most conservatives, but it took Donald Trump to really bring people out of the Criticize McCain closet:



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