Is Rand Paul’s Campaign Smoking Dope? [VIDEO]


Well, they may not be smoking it, but they’re certainly raising money with it. And no, they’re not selling marijuana. Rand is attending the National Cannabis Industry Association Business Summit and holding a private briefing with his supporters.

The industry group was enthusiastic that a Republican presidential candidate would show his face at their event.

A National Cannabis Industry Association email reportedly declared, “Major Republican Presidential Contender at Cannabis Business Summit!”

“Never before has a major-party presidential candidate held a reception at a cannabis industry event, and NCIA is proud to host Senator Paul,” the message said.

The group’s deputy director, Taylor West, further told The Denver Post that Paul’s fundraiser will be truly historic.

“Its the first event that we know of that a presidential candidate will be involved in the industry,” West said. “He’s kind of in a class of his own.”

Here’s an interview with Sen. Paul on the subject.

Rand may corner the stoner vote in this election. Assuming they remember to show up to vote. We wonder if his campaign will be offering free rides and free brownies to voters to get them to the polls.

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