Illegal Immigrant Creates MTV Show About How White People Suck

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So, I guess I’ve been wrong all these years as was Martin Luther King Jr.: Skin color does matter, white skin is evil and others are A-OK?

What’s coming out of MTV these days is not much more intellectual than Beevis & Butthead and far less entertaining. If you think I’m kidding, I’m not – because on Wednesday, July 22nd at 8/7c on MTV – they’ll begin airing a show they claim is on “white privilege,” but let’s be honest: They might as well call it, “F-you Whitey.”

The creator and host of this project, who lives and prospers in America, is an illegal immigrant named Jose Antonio Vargas. He’s somehow allowed to live in this terrible, racist country where no brown or black people are supposed to get ahead. Yet here he is, telling all white folks they really should feel bad about what they’ve done to non-whites.

Jose Antonio Vargas (right) encouraged young people to speak openly about racial issues in ‘White People.’

He’s got a career in show business, fame, money, a cool country to live in and plenty of privileged liberal white guilty press to help him spread the word about how whitey sucks.

First, check out this trailer BELOW, but just know – if you yourself are white, you’ll probably hang yourself afterwards.

And good riddance you pale loser. What have you done for me lately anyway – besides let half the country of Mexico in to work, party, collect welfare, rape and murder innocent young women who are here quite legally? White women. Dirty, shameful and privileged white women.

The show itself also confronts white people about their “privilege,” and features interviews with Native Americans, browns and blacks who blame whites for their problems. Boy that sure helps, doesn’t it? Combined with getting rid of the Confederate flag, we’ve just about got racism whipped, haven’t we Jose?

By the way, if I call you “Jose” – is that racist? Who frickin’ knows anymore?

Here’s more background: Vargas came to the U.S. from the Philippines when he was 12. He found out he was here illegally four years later, yet continued to break the law secretly while working as a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist at the Washington Post. WHAT? HAH – The “Washington” Post – working for a slave owner-named paper? Yeah.. Vargas – you’re a racist!! Oh shut up. It’s called sarcasm.

His short MTV documentary examines the concept of “white privilege,” and has interviews with dozens of young White Americans about racial identity. In other words, interviewing young, caucasian, guilty idiots who’ve never been anywhere, seen anything, experienced actual life or have a single un-washed brain cell in their heads.

But liberals are taking a new tack with kids: Skin color isn’t biological. Yes, you heard that right – here’s exactly what’s posted at MTV’S “Whiteness”:

“Race isn’t biological – it’s a social construct that exists based on everyone in a community accepting it, and is usually created by the dominant group. But just because race isn’t something biological, that doesn’t mean it’s not real. People are treated differently based on their race. In America, that means white people are often given unearned advantages.”

That’s right kiddos, being white is a state of mind. Is therefore being black a state of mind? I guess you’d have to ask that Rachel Dolezal – but I don’t want to get anywhere near her, to be honest. Cooties.

But that’s not all: MTV has something called a “Seven-day Racial Bias Cleanse” (HERE)  – Man – doesn’t that sound a little Hitlerian? My god, they’re not even hiding it anymore: “Cleanse” your mind? They’re going to have to change that song in “South Pacific”: ‘I’m gonna wash that white right out of my brain’… oh shut up. They’re not all pearls.

Oh well… It’s not all bad news:

Take a couple steps back, because I agree wholeheartedly with something written at and that might mean a lighting strike.

Salon raved about the show, saying it would appeal to those who “enjoy watching white people cry”. In other words, it appeals to racists. Yep, it does!


We all know what this is, folks. Liberals are so self-hating it’s sad and funny at the same time. It’s welcome to Obamaland. A land where skin color does matter. Not content of character, for sure.

This Jose Vargas is a joke of a character and should be deported.

Then he can go to Mexico, maybe back to the Philippines, Cuba, North Korea, Darfur or any number of countries where if you make a show about how the people there suck – you get you your ass kicked.

We can only hope that’s what happens at the end of this show. It’s a million to one, but I’m going to watch just in case. Could be a brilliant twist – ICE shows up and tosses him out of the country. Hysterical and poignant. Of course those are two things that have never been featured on MTV in the history of the channel, so don’t hold your priviledged breath.

MTV has been corrupting the youth of America for decades, but maybe this is even too ridiculous for their audience?

PS: Yo Vargas: “Moley-Moley-Moley…”

Oh shut up, moles aren’t racist… unless they’re white moles. Moley.


You can see Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher on National Geographic’s “The 2000s: A New Reality: – NatGeo Channel – 9PM on Sunday 12th and Monday 13th of July”

I get to be on TV because, you know, I’m priviledged… nah nah. Oh shut up.


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