Hillary deletes Tweet shaking hands with Veteran with prosthetic legs who had “White” tattoo’d on his arm


What the hell, Hillary Clinton? Why in the world do you somehow think that screenshots do not exist of your sneaky, creepy shenanigans? Good lord, woman, I cannot believe some people actually think you are a serious candidate for President. Sickening.

Obviously jumping to the conclusion he’s a white supremacist (they were in New Hampshire’s White Mountains region). Would her campaign delete the same pic if the man was black and had the word “black” on his arm?


Hillary, you are one sad sack of potatoes, my friend. Like why would that mean for any reason that you needed to delete his photo? The man WANTED to shake your hand- though I am almost 100% certain that he regrets that choice now. You are a shameful example of a candidate. Just shameful. Could you just go home now, please?

H/T: Weasel Zippers

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